YLeaderboard Series: The extraordinary optician: a sneak peek into the life of Dorothy Amuah


Balance they say is the key to a successful life, and no one best lives that life but optometrist and serial entrepreneur, Dorothy Amuah.

Coming from a close-knitted family of seven and being the last child, Dorothy was adored by her family but they also made sure she was guided and lived right. Her family was torn apart when her industrialist father was exiled under a military regime. She and her siblings landed in a boarding school in England until her parents joined them later. Although being on their own was tough, the Amuahs grew to be independent at a young age.

She described her boarding school days as a loving and positive one, getting the chance to interact with students from diverse backgrounds.

Describing parenting as an amazing experience, the mother of two said: “I do a lot and get busy, but parenting is my joy and I highly recommend it. Nothing prepares you for parenting but you just have the feeling it is time to jump in and you do it.

“I have realised parenting is different in Ghana. A lot of parents tend to leave their children to be raised by others. But I encourage women to be more hands-on in the upbringing and training of their children. Cook for them once in a while and teach them to do household chores even if they are privileged.”

She shared these insights in a special appearance on Y107.9FM’s YLeaderBoard Series.

Young Dorothy had a penchant for fashion and quickly ventured into the space, but she put it on hold temporarily to pursue a degree in optometry.

“My daddy told me I was wasting time in the fashion industry and advised me to pursue a professional degree and that’s how I found myself in New York, studying optometry. While studying optometry, I realised there was a correlation to the fashion industry so my first job was in the optical fashion industry,” she shared.

The optical fashion expert has worked with some industry greats including RnB singer, Usher.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she always dreamt of starting her own businesses and she is living that dream now, being the CEO of Base Dynasty, Base Lounge and Founder of Dorothy’s Hope Foundation, and a number of other businesses.

According to her, structures and work ethics outside Ghana are far more advanced and effective, making it easier to run a successful business. She disclosed that her businesses abroad are thriving, with workers being trusted well enough to take charge when she is away, enabling her to focus on expansions and other businesses. “But in Ghana, I have to be present and be hands-on.”

The serial entrepreneur advised the youth to prioritise opportunity over money as that is the primary way of learning and becoming all-rounded in their career path.

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