#SAFreedomDAY2022: South Africa’s startups in Ghana


Onix DC Limited owns a carrier neutral colocation data centre, located 25Km outside of Accra which was Tier-4 certified by the Uptime Institute on 29th October, 2021.
The Accra facility has 2000sqm under roof and has two modules, the first of which is equipped with 170 racks with power of 1MW (MW). The second module is built, but not yet equipped.  When completed, the 2nd module will have 2MW (MW) of power and will be designed and built in accordance with the Uptime Institute’s Tier-4 certification requirements.
Within the compound, there is sufficient space to double the size of the existing built area, allowing for another 2 modules; and outside the compound there is further 2 acres, which will be used to increase the megawatts (MW’s) by building additional modules.
Onix has a Solar Farm next to the Data Centre, which during daylight hours produces enough electricity to power Module 1, providing a reliable source of green energy.  When the Solar Farm is inoperative (no sunlight) electricity is provided by ECG (power utility), and on a power outage occurring, UPS’ and generators are in place to ensure operation. Green energy factor offers a major advantage.
The Data Centre is the only Tier-4 Facility in Ghana, and is recognised by the IFC as being the premier facility in West Africa offering 99,995% uptime, continuous cooling, and compartmentalised power circuits.
Onix will develop the Accra facility and expand across West Africa.
Michael Nahon
Michael Nahon is an experienced executive with extensive experience of building successful businesses across Africa.  He holds a BComm and LLB from the University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg and initially trained and practised as a Commercial Lawyer, specialising in corporate and securities law.
He was one of the founding partners of Greenwich Group Limited, which listed on the JSE in 1998.  In 2000, he moved to London, where he took control of Greenwich’s derivative trading business and formed Octavo Telecoms, which specialised in facilitating calls to Africa from the UK, using pre-paid cards. This involved extensive travel in Africa and working with many of Africa’s telco companies.

On returning to South Africa in 2005, he became CEO of Bengwenyama Platinum (Pty) Limited and led the negotiations in relation to the grant of the platinum license over the tribal lands. In 2013 he was appointed as CEO of African Thunder Platinum (ATP) and oversaw the return of production at ATP’s mine. He left ATP in 2015 and based on his knowledge of the Telecoms business, he looked at establishing a business in the Data Centre space, which led to the acquisition of the Accra DC.
Product offering
The racks in Onix are 46u racks and a corporate can lease a rack, ½, ¼, or 1/8 rack.
The facility is certified Tier-4 and connectivity (fibre links) is provided by Vodafone, Comsys, C Squared, VOBISS – who provide connectivity from both directions, ensuring redundancy.
MTN currently provides a microwave link to the facility and discussions are underway with MTN to install 2 fibre links.
Cloud services and Infrastructure as a service will be available in Q3, and services providers are currently being interviewed.
Differentiators:  bespoke purpose-built Tier 4 facility offering 46u rack powered by Solar during the day (green energy).

The home of quality South African meat and authentic South African ‘braai’ (BBQ) in the heart of Accra. The restaurant’s key focus is on quality food, great taste, relaxing vibe and the best BQQ in town.
The name ‘Nguni’ is the name of a cattle breed indigenous to South Africa, the cattle is known for their high resilience and good temperament. A well-fitted name to this wonderful establishment.
Each dish on the menu is created by a well-appointed butcher – Sebastian, and the restaurant partners to ensure every bite offers you the taste of South Africa. Steak barbequed on the fire to perfection and the fresh cheesy garlic bread – you can’t go wrong with any of the menu items. Nguni Bar & Grill also offers a Wagyu Beef Burger, T-bones and slowly cooked pork ribs among the variety of menu items. Also introducing South African well-known dishes like ‘Braaibroodjies’, ‘Oopsies’ and ‘Koeksisters’ to Ghana.
The spacious restaurant venue, situated in Cantonments, is just another reason to pay a visit, the outdoor restaurant with big TV screens, wooden tables and chairs, is perfect for any sport lover or family to relax and enjoy the day. A kid’s area with a trampoline and activities for kids ensures that kids will have a blast, while the parents can enjoy their meal and still keep a watchful eye on the young ones. The space if perfect for events and parties, and with the helpful staff every event is a pleasure.
The partners, Eon Bekker Lukas Ittershagen—Strauss  (two of the proudly South African owners), Oisin O Muiri and Celestino Alvarez took hands to create this wonderful concept, and since the opening in December 2021, the restaurant has gone from strength to strength. With Butcher Boyz opened and a bakery opening soon on the premises, it’s definitely worth a visit.
Nguni Bar & Grill – where great friends ‘MEAT’
8 Abokobi Road, Cantonments, Accra
Follow Nguni on Facebook and Instagram
Facebook: Nguni Bar & Grill
Instagram: Nguni_bar_and_grill
Phone us at 059 955 8099

In August 2017 an idea started that changed the way we think about quality meat, Butcher Boyz opened their first branch, and the rest is history. A modern and high-class butcher shop with a big variety of meat and other products is your one stop shop for all your meat needs.
Sourced from Blaauwberg in the Western Cape in South Africa, all the meat products give you the taste and flavour of South Africa right here in Ghana. Carefully selected in South Africa, you can rest assured that the meat is from the highest quality and with the trained staff that offers advice, you can cook the best meal at home.
The big selection of meats is definitely worth mentioning, from steaks, ‘boerewors’, chicken and the beloved ‘biltong’, you can be sure to find the desired flavour for every tastebud.
Currently there are three branches, one in Airport Residential, one in Cantonments and another in Takoradi, with a fourth opening soon. The shop not only offers amazing meats but a selection of wines and other products is also on offer. We can’t forget about our four-legged friends, so grab some dog food while you are there. The dog food, Montego is also proudly sourced from South Africa and available in a variety of different size bags.
South African-born, Lukas Ittershagen—Strauss and partner, Celestino Alvarez, are the brainchild behind these wonderful shops, and since the opening in 2017, they are proud to offer the well-known South African flavour to the Ghana market.
Make sure to explore all the different items on offer, visit the branches at:
Volta Rd, Airport Residential, Accra
Abokobi Rd, Cantonments, Accra
Chapel Hill Rd, Takoradi
Give them a call at:
055 555 2855

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