Poetry Corner: Summer is warmer

Poetry Corner

The days grow longer

The air billows warmer

The ground fills with water

New plants shoot up


They twist and they turn

They stretch as they grow up

They reach for sunlight

From sunrise to sunset

Much as they can get


Slowly winter slides by

The sun begins to shine

And shines a little longer

As each day goes by

Slowly wintry feelings wave a bye


The air grows stronger

And warmer

The snow begins to melt

And soaks into the earth

The earth becomes wet and soft

Yet the earth feels some warmth

Wet but warm


Wet and warm

Cold and hot

This is what plants wait for

This is what life lives from

The extremes of forms

For life to live from


As winter slides by slowly

Water soaks into dry seeds

Dry seeds swell up

Seeds decay into a new birth

As plants burst out from rotten seeds


Water makes tiny plants pop up

And tiny roots push down

Down into the earth

Tiny roots push down into the earth

…from soft seeds

Tiny roots of hope push deep

…into soft hearts

So deep into soft, trusting hearts


As winter slowly slides by

Sleeping buds no longer lie by

Invisible roots no longer look tired

Sleeping buds begin to stir

…to rise higher

Invisible roots begin to stir

…to sink deeper


As winter slides by slowly

There is water again

Deep into the earth

And plants wake up

To find water they can lick


Animals wake up

To find water to quench thirst

Wake up!

It’s wake up time for sleeping life

It’s time to drink for full life



You can find plants of all kinds

Some are springing up

Some are spreading out

Some are flowering up



You can find animals of all kinds

Some are laying eggs

Some are having babies

It’s the beginning of summer

It’s time to wake from the slumber


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