GEPA Impact-Hub

GEPA Impact-Hub

Export is one of Ghana’s biggest sources of income and fundamental support in helping countries successfully integrate into the global economy. It is the surest way to generate the much-needed revenues for the economic development of a country.

GEPA is the National Export Trade Promotion Organization mandated to facilitate, develop and promote Ghana’s Non-Traditional Export (NTE).  Ghana’s Non-Traditional Export Sector comprises of products and services with value addition, such as cocoa derivatives, jewelry from our precious mineral, petrol and petrol chemicals, health, education amongst others. At the Ghana Export Promotion Authority, NTEs are categorised under these four departments; Agribusiness and Product Development, Services and Manufacturing, Industrial Arts and Crafts, and Processed and Semi-Processed Products.

GEPA has been executing this mandate by providing our exporters with technical assistance to enter existing and new markets, by providing them timely trade information and by initiating and implementing interventions to improve the supply of export products to meet buyer demands.

In 2021 GEPA went further to introduce the GEPA Impact Hub, a state-of-the-art, technology-driven export trade information centre set to provide up-to-date and relevant trade information to the Ghanaian exporter community, export sector stakeholder institutions, trade and economic researchers and the general public.

The facility, which is located on the 9th floor of the Africa Trade House, is fully fitted with computers, dedicated online resources, printed trade publications compendiums and a physical library where our clients can sit in comfort and access information, they otherwise would find some difficulty in obtaining.

The Hub also boasts of limited conferencing facilities and B2B syndicated rooms for the use of SMEs requiring these services. The Hub hosts series of interactive masterclass sessions with seasoned business leaders and exporters on a quarterly basis, to mentor the younger and aspiring exporters.

One unique feature about the GEPA Impact Hub is the permanent presence of three key stakeholder Government agencies i.e. the Ghana Standards Authority, the Food and Drugs Authority and the Plant Protection and Regulatory Services Directorate of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Each of these agencies has a dedicated desk manned by well-trained young staff poised to provide their services from the Hub for the convenience of the exporter.

The GEPA Impact Hub welcomes the youth, individuals and growing businesses interested  not in Export alone but in growing their ideas into viable businesses, to take full advantage of export trade information resources and other tools available within a conducive, upscale business environment – for Free.

Our doors remain open and you are welcome to participate in our quarterly events both physically and online via our social media platforms GEPAGhana on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and on Instagram gepa_ghana.

GEPA facilitating Ghana’s Exports.

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