Political stability in African countries is a necessary major factor

  • for a speedy development of the african continent

It is a fact that since the 1950’s and the 1960’s, there was much political agitation among African countries to gain political independence from colonial rule.

This was the vogue that characterized African countries since the European scramble and partition of the African continent which took place between the 17th and 19th centuries.

As at now, all the African countries have gained political independence and are in control of political power.

However, the African continent is now faced with a new form of rule which is emanating from their former European colonial masters. And this form of rule is aptly described as neo-colonialism; and it in mainly economic-centered.

African countries are at the moment struggling to experience economic growth, development and prosperity against powerful forces of economic power form European countries who dread to leave the African continent entirely in the hands of Africans for fear of endangering their continued economic growth and prosperity from their hitherto exploitations of Africa’s inexhaustible natural resources which is unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

Before the political independence of the African countries, African countries had been victims of European exploitations of the inexhaustible natural resources of African countries to enhance their economic prosperity.

The African continent had therefore been the feeding and nurturing grounds for the economic prosperity and development of Europe.

Comparatively to Africa, Europe is very poor and limited in terms of natural resources, hence, their recaltriscence and unwillingness to leave Africans to manage their own affairs.

It is significant to note that the first President of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory in his unique vision and long foresight foresaw this economic danger and dependence on Europe by African countries in their developmental aspirations in post-independence era, advocated for a United States of Africa to avoid this danger on the part of African countries.

President Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who recently was voted as the greatest African of the Millennium by the British Broadcasting Corporation, was able to write a landmark and monumental book titled: “Neocolonialism” besides his collection of other thought- provoking books on African’s liberation and freedom from European exploitations of the African continent to enrich themselves.

Unfortunately, President Nkrumah’s contemporaries and colleagues’ heads of states were myopic in sight and could not foresee this economic danger happening in Africa countries after they had attained political independence.

Hence, they misunderstood Nkrumah and consequently, opposed him vehemently for his advocation of a United States of Africa, as a way of stalling economic exploitations by European powers in post political independence era of African countries.

And sadly enough, in quite recent times the Chinese have also invaded African countries for their selfish ends of exploiting the inexhaustible natural resources of the African continent to enhance and accentuate their powerful economy! What a big blow to African countries at the present time in their struggle to experience economic growth, development and prosperity!

Had Nkrumah’s colleagues’ heads of States of African countries listened to him for the formation of a United States of Africa, the African continent would have by now reached a very high level of economic growth and development, if not equal to the United States of America!

What an unfortunate and miserable situation that the African continent finds itself now, as a result of the continued unrelenting exploitations by European countries; and also, by China at the present time!

In order to halt the continued exploitations of the African continent and to find solutions to Africa’s perennial problems of economic independence and economic power, there must be, stability of political power in African countries.

This will require peace and unity among African peoples, so that they can work very hard with determination and sacrifice collectively to achieve economic growth, development and prosperity.

In fact, political instability in African countries is the result of the insidious and nefarious strategies subtly devised by European powers to enforce and reinforce their continued exploitations of the African continent to benefit themselves. This covert and overt sinister device is unknown to many ordinary African peoples.

Thus, Africans are divided among themselves and fight against each other for political power control in their countries.

And this state of affairs contributes significantly to reinforce and perpetuate European influence and domination of the African continent today.

This in an evil and sinister force that Africans must recognize and find ways and means of stopping it. It must be a collective effort. And this requires strong unity and peace among African peoples.

The stark truth is that former European colonial masters of African countries do subtly and deliberately sow seeds of discord among the various systems of political rule in Africa to create tension and hatred that often explodes as military coup d’états and civil wars

European powers are able to manipulate and influence some political influential native Africans who are self-seeking and have over ambitions to create divisions, hatred and introduce that which often results into strife’s, which eventually leads to military coup d’e tats or civil wars which are supposedly intended to bring about a change for the better in the living standards of the people.

The numerous disunited ethnic groups in African countries become catalysts which fuel and spark strifes and fighting for the control of political power.

This brings about political instabilities in African countries, which in turn work negatively against the smooth and healthy development; and slow down the clock of progress.

What African leaders must do now in terms of ensuring stability of political power in their countries is to be honest, sincere and committed to the interests of their people and not to allow themselves to be influenced in any way by European powers who often parade themselves as friends of Africa and African interests; which is a lie and a covert to subvert African peoples to serve their selfish interests.

They often tantalize African leaders with money and material gains to misrule their people by fanning divisiveness, ethnic superiority and other biases as a way of creating a rule that serves the interests of a few, who amass wealth through various corruptible practices at the expense of the large mass of the people.

These subtle and self-seeking European powers often assure African leaders of their protection, support and their wellbeing.

In times of upheavals, protests and dissatisfaction from the masses, as to prompt military coup d’états, these subtle and cunning European powers sometimes by force set up puppet governments especially, in the Francophone African countries to enhance their self-centered desires of gaining economically from the chaotic situations.

The fact is that when Africans become divided and fight among themselves, Europeans powers gain tremendously in terms of their economies.

To this end, it can be safely said that European powers are happy to see Africans fighting among themselves because this is to their advantage economically.

They do supply weapons, guns and other fighting equipment to the warring sides.

Some typical examples of these unpleasant political situations in Africa is the inglorious and terrible civil war in Nigeria which occurred in 1969 when the late Obafimi Ojukwu decided to break away from the rest of Nigeria to establish the Biafra State of Eastern Nigeria. Another typical example in recent times is the genocide war between the Hutus and Tustis in central Africa.

The fact is that most of the military take overs in African countries’ political situations such as the recent one in Mali, are often engineered, motivated and inspired by European powers to satisfy their selfish ends as stated in the foregoing.

Africans must learn now that in unity and peace lies strength but divisiveness and disunity brings about chaos and instability; and consequently, give the enemy the chance to cause havoc and to do evil to satisfy and gratify his selfish ends.

And Africans must know that Europeans are not really their friends; and must guard against this at all times in order to ensure their present struggles to guarantee their economic growth development and prosperity that will be comparable to Euro-America.

In conclusion, I state that African countries will only experience optimum economic growth, development and prosperity when there is peace and harmony and tolerance among themselves and political power stability and sustainability in their efforts to achieve economic growth development and prosperity.

And they should not allow any influence whatsoever to gain inroads into how they govern themselves, but stick to good reasoning, honesty, love and unity among themselves in their efforts to attain development and prosperity.

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