Botswana to host 2023 U.S.-Africa Business Summit

U.S.-Africa trade ties

Southern African Republic of Botswana has been chosen to host the 15th U.S.-Africa Business Summit (USABS), a major platform to strengthen U.S.-Africa trade and investment ties.

As African Heads of State, U.S. and African corporate business leaders successfully concluded in Washington their mid-December U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, the 2023 U.S.-Africa Business Summit will further present a unique opportunity to sustain a positive momentum in U.S.-Africa engagement.

The U.S.-Africa Business Summit is a key pillar of the Corporate Council on Africa’s engagement on the continent, hosting African heads of state, U.S. and African government officials, top CEOs and Senior Business Executives spanning major sectors that are critical to the continent’s development including infrastructure, ICT, health, energy, mining, and creative industries.

One of the world’s fastest growing economies over the past decade, Botswana is regarded as a successful model for countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Anchored by a robust mining industry, prudent macroeconomic policies and strong governance, the country is poised for a resilient recovery post COVID-19.

The US government and private sector leaders, together with African political and corporate business leaders, have been working consistently over these years to share insights on critical issues and policies influencing the US-Africa economic partnership.

The concern is to review the opportunities for the United States and African public and private sector leaders, how to strengthen the economic partnership between the United States and Africa related to investments in key economic and trade sectors and the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

The White House said the Biden-Harris administration was prioritizing a broadened economic relationships with Africa. And the United States investors are seriously looking forward to exploring several opportunities on offer in the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), a policy signed by African countries to make the continent a single market.

“We are honored that the Government of Botswana has accepted our invitation to host the 2023 US-Africa Business Summit in Gaborone and we thank President Masisi for embracing the opportunity to forge two-way trade and investment partnerships between the U.S. and Africa,” says Florie Liser, President and CEO of Corporate Council on Africa.

Florie Liser added that Botswana has demonstrated that effective economic policies, good governance and investment in local processing create resilient economies. The 2023 US-Africa Business Summit will be a momentous occasion to present Africa as a strong trade partner for U.S. companies.

The 14th U.S.-Africa Business Summit themed “Building Forward Together” was held under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco in Marrakech in July 2022.

The July 2022 summit explored a renewed commitment by both public and private sector stakeholders in building stronger U.S. and Africa trade, investment and commercial ties after slightly emerging from two years of unprecedented health and economic challenges. It was coordinated and organized by the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA).

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