Attract blessings by treating and serving the aged in a decorous way – youth urged

Samuel Amponsah Frimpong: serve the aged in a decorous way
Apostle Samuel Amponsah Frimpong, General Secretary of the Christ Apostolic Church International

The youth have been urged to live in harmony with their parents and elders in the society and should not abuse them in any form. By adhering to this admonishment, it would enable the youth to attract supernatural blessing form God.

Apostle Samuel Amponsah Frimpong, General Secretary of the Christ Apostolic Church International, made this clarion call on the youth while ministering at the ‘Day of Blessings’ service marked in Teshie-Accra yesterday.

Dubbed ‘Day of Blessing’, believers of the gospel from all the length and breadth gathered and tapped into the anointing of God at the service, as God released His unflinching blessings to His children.

Hosted by the Christ Apostolic Church International, Family Worship Center-Teshie, the highly patronised programme orchestrated the supremacy of God’s favour and blessings to his children. Charged with an atmosphere of paranormal encounter, the General Secretary preached on the virtue for youths to remain submissive to parents and elders, as it has biblical connection of attracting blessings form God

Apostle Frimpong stressed on the need for the youth to never relent on their efforts to extend a helping hand whenever their parents or the elderly seeks their assistance and support at any time they may need them, and also advised them to be their source of physical, emotional and psychological strength when they are weary and frail.

This act of benevolence, he reiterated would confer on the youth blessings that will definitely make a significant impact in their lives to make exploits in the society. Addressing the enthused congregation at the Family Worship Centre-Teshie, the General Secretary admonished the youth to constantly be at peace with their parents and the elderly in society. Adding that, it always pays to remain in humility and serving parents and leaders to the utmost in the society.

Apostle Frimpong empowered the youth not to feel intimidated by the glitzy lifestyles of others in the society, because God has his own appropriate time for giving his children great inheritance. He underscored that, every blessing from God is absolutely free and has no limitations attached to His blessings which may hinder one’s access to other privileges.

The General Secretary observed that, for an individual to have the full access to God’s blessings, one must wholeheartedly serve God and always hearken to His voice and words. He also admonished the youth to disassociate themselves from evil doings because evil associations delays and inhibits blessings of God.

The General Secretary appealed that the vulnerable in society should be accorded with the needed respect and must also be treated with decency, in order to attract the blessing of God.  He said, when we show compassion to the dispossessed, we change their lives and that is a way of attracting God’s blessing, because blessings from God is a game changer that transforms lives.

Apostle Frimpong bemoaned that, the vulnerable in society must not be mistreated nor be taken advantage of. He addressed that the power of blessings has the viability of insulating an individual from the power of generational curses and afflictions.

Further explaining that, the power of the God releases extraordinary favour that cushions man’s life in the lord. The General Secretary condemned LGBTQ+ activities and prayed that their activities would never hold in Ghana.

Pastor Joshua Healer, Head Pastor of the Christ Apostolic Church International, Family Worship Centre –Teshie, expressed his profound gratitude to Apostle Frimpong and his entourage for honouring and making impacts to the lives that encountered God through him on the “Day of Blessings”.

Pastor Healer also revealed that the ‘Day of Blessings’ coincided with the 2nd anniversary of the Family Worship Centre- Teshie. He commended the efforts of all indefatigable leaders and members for their staunch cooperation to make the ‘Day of Blessings’ a success and a memorable service.


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