Poetry Corner: Broken


You betrayed

The young bosom of trust

By your old loins of lust

You banished

The innocence in the eyes of the minor

By your caresses of betrayal

You slaughtered

The naivety in the heart of the sobbing prey

By your libido of conquest


In your quest to play Satan

You named your sin;

the preying puritan

the praying mantis

the neighing horse

the bleating goat

the mating dog

You said no child was a saint


In your quest to be on heat

You said no minor was a minor

—each time you stooped to conquer

In your quest to stay on heat

You said all minors were majors

—down beneath the skirt

In your quest to quench your heat

You subjected all minors to suffer your dirty whim


You told her not to tell

After you felled her like a willow tree

Only to satisfy your unbridled disease

You told her not to tell

After you plucked her innocent virginity

In the secret place of your glee

Where none could see

Nor hear her plea


Don’t tell on me

I’m your generous benefactor

your foster father

your trusted teacher

your mother’s brother

Promise not to ponder to bother a disclosure



She fell victim

to the pervert

to the rapist

to the distant cousin

to the family kingpin

She fell victim to incest

Oh, why a child to molest?



Who will believe her tears

When incest occurs

In front of the family Kingpin

How will she answer

her accusers?

They accused her of enticing

her abusers

She fell victim to her fears

She fell victim to the family secret


She loved a father

a father who used her

She looked up to a teacher

a teacher who hurt her

She run to a brother

a brother who abused her

Then she coiled into her soul

a soul that felt not worth a soul



and rushed through it all

Rushed through life


and thrown at life


and branded by lies


with no wings to fly

Broken for life


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