Imaginario opens new wholesale shop at Kaneshie market

Imaginario Company opens new wholesale shop at Kaneshie market

Imaginario Company Limited, importer and distributor of Peacock Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice to Ghana has opened a new wholesale shop at Kaneshie market in Accra.

This forms part of Imaginario’s effort to draw closer to its old customers while attracting new retail customers.

“We have a quality product we believe in and we want to bring it closer to our customers, the wholesalers. The rice market is saturated with many products but we stand out. Kaneshie is advantageous because it is close to many of our key wholesalers,” Maame Ama Adjem, the sales and marketing executive of Imaginario Company limited said.

She noted that her outfit prioritises bringing quality products to its consumers at competitive prices, adding that, she believes people should have value for money.

“We are opened and calling on all retailers and wholesalers who want to do business with quality rice and make profit. Our rice is quick and easy to make; it is suitable for all rice recipes – all your favorite dishes from jollof rice, fried rice, casseroles and everything in between,” she said.

She further shed some light on the aspirations of the company and her overall vision for the rice industry.

“Even though we are a young company, we do not compromise when it comes to quality, our mission is to bring quality products to the consumer and it is difficult to taste our product and not fall in love with it, the taste and aroma does the talking for us,” she said.

Responding to government’s plan to ban rice importation by 2022, Ms. Adjem said her outfit would love to explore the option of local rice, however, she added, government must support the local rice farmers in the country to ensure that quality is improved.

About Imaginario

Imaginario was founded in 2012 and had over 20 years of global experience, working with multiple stakeholders and more importantly customers. The company’s foundation is based on entrepreneurial excellence that is aimed at generating value for stakeholders.

“The Company is looking to expand its product lines to reach the West African sub-region. This ambition is born out of a deep understanding of global markets, commitment to service excellence and more importantly our continual desire to find new ways to serve our cherished stakeholders,” Ms. Adjem disclosed.

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