MINDSET with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei: Land-line


The Heart of Stone is a movie of high-octane artificial intelligence (AI) at its full burgeoning prowess and pump.

The AI in this movie was called the Heart and it was being controlled and properly administered by a group named The Charter.

The Charter had good intentions to ensure that they kept the world safe if the governments of the world should fail.

They had managed to infiltrate other security agencies like the Mi6 as neutrals just to facilitate their operations by not making themselves known.

The Charter agents were simply called Hearts with a designated number; for example, Hearts of 9.

These Hearts were highly trained and skilled for any eventualities; it didn’t matter how the odds were, they were mandated not to fail at their missions or task.

In the movie, the artificial intelligence called Heart was tremendously and awesomely accurate on almost everything it was asked of.

It could predict unforeseeable dangers that were bound to meet an operation as well as in the heated moment of the operation.

As far as every one was concerned with in the Charter, the Heart could do no wrong, except one of the agents called the Hearts of 9.

She felt sometimes the human feelings or senses could also be relied upon, but she was most often told off.

Be it as it may, in one of their impending operations, her feelings turned out to be right while the Heart couldn’t predict everything to its full accuracy and outcome.

This particular operation did compromise the artificial intelligence, the Heart, because Hearts of 9 was caught in deception, drugged and a tracker – as a Trojan – injected into her shoulder so as to track the Heart’s whereabouts.

A Trojan is a computer programme that gets access to a computer or system by appearing to be harmless, but is designed to do something damaging.

By the time Hearts of 9 was resuscitated for her to take out the Trojan inserted in her shoulder and destroy it at their headquarters, the hackers had managed to siphon some data out of its whereabouts; and they realised it’s located in the outer space near West Africa.

These hackers successfully took over the Heart and one can only imagine when the system of such nature gets into the hands of wrong people, what it can be used for – they did manage to kill and maim nations.

So, under one of such fool heady exuberance, they managed to totally obliterate the back-up station of the Charter headquarters staff by deliberately taking away their gas, which supplied them air to breath, shutting down their servers slowly in bits and pieces just to kill them softly, after destroying their main headquarters.

Finally, the intriguing part was where every other form of modern and well-advanced AI’ as of the present time had been shut down, the administrative head of the Charter fascinatedly asked for a land-line and when she was told of one, she asked that it was brought before her.

It was out of this outmoded technology in comparison to what was available to them in that very present moment in time, which was once called in Ghana as space to space or land-line, that saved them.

She managed to make a call to reach hearts of 9, which couldn’t be traced – due to its analogue features – by the Heart which was not under the hacker’s control.

The point of all this is that in your quest of upgrading and advancing, never forget that there was a grade below the one you are currently.

As a result, do not completely abandon the old knowledge or technology; it might be your saviour in the entire project management endeavour of new assimilation.

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