DreamOval: Global provider of financial technology solutions

DreamOval CEO, Claud Kweku Hutchful

DreamOval is the foremost African tech start-up for all Financial Technology Infrastructure Solutions supporting Africa’s largest companies from banking to retailing.

Over the past decade it has perfected financial innovations for banks and augmented its understanding of the banking space, by connecting to the core financial industry in Ghana such as Fidelity Bank, ADB, and Standard Bank Group (Stanbic Bank), and powered collections for major merchants.

Earlier this year, the company received its Enhanced Payment Services Provider Licence from the Bank of Ghana, which allows DreamOval to aggregate merchant services, process financial services; print and personalise EMV Cards; process inward international remittances; acquire merchants; deploy POS systems and aggregate Payments.

In the financial year 2020–2021, the company processed 1 billion USD in value of transaction, a massive increase from its preceding year’s figures of 300 million USD.

By providing financial infrastructure as a service to the financial industry, DreamOval equips financial brands and large merchants alike with the foremost technology that enables them to compete in the digital age.

DreamOval CEO, Claud Kweku Hutchful, says: “Companies working with us are seeing important growth and value when using our platform-as-a-service: Billbox. We are offering solutions in the French and English-speaking markets to support companies as they leverage the power of digitalization in their services and operations across the region”

DreamOval has now diversified into markets across the African continent, and, since 2019, now has operations in Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, and is penetrating new markets in west, central and southern Africa. The company has imminent plans to launch operations in Guinea and Zambia.

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