WHEEL OF LIFE SERIES: Getting a vision for your life; Part 2

Discovery Leadership Masterclass Series with Frank Adu Anim: Vision and perspectives

Last week we looked at how to create a vision board, we discovered that visualization, which is the holding the mental image of something, is quite a powerful way to pursue goals.

We also discovered that visualization has been proven to provoke action hence the recommendation of having your goals represented in visual images on a vision board. And if that isn’t enough we also learned that successful people like Oprah and Beyonce have testified to the power of a vision board.

I have come up with eight steps to creating a vision board, last week we looked at steps one to five out of the eight steps. And so before we continue with steps six to eight, let us do a quick recap of the steps, step one was prayer, step two was being disciplined, step three was speaking positively, step four was gratitude, and step five was being clear and being specific – personal goals must ideally be separated from business goals.

Steps one to five looks more at the mental process whereas steps six to step eight looks at the practical steps, so let us continue with steps six to eight.

  1. Write down all your goals. For some people that can take a few minutes for others it may take a few days because they are trying to figure out what it is that they want to achieve. Looking at the wheel of life or the eight areas of life (also mentioned last week) this can serve as guidance as to which goals to follow. Some goals may be gigantic so they will need to be divided up into smaller goals. The golden rule is that any goal that cannot be achieved within one year should be seen as a long term goal. It would be a good idea to dissect and identify smaller goals in chronological order. In other words one needs to map out the all the steps that should be taken in sequence to allow plans to be effective. Always remember that goals have to be a real want as well as something that is realistic and achievable. If not, along the way motivation would be lost, it would be hard to stay committed and goals would be abandoned half way. If there seems to be so many things to be achieved and choosing the specific goal to focus on first has become an issue, then do what I call the thirty second challenge. This basically means that thirty seconds is given to choose the goals in terms of preference from one to ten. One represents the highest on the list and ten means the lowest, in other words a choice is being forced to be made. Once this is done one can proceed to the next step, don’t overthink it, the choice has been made.
  1. Collating the images. This is where the fun really begins, this step is all about collating imagery. So whether from newspapers, magazines or the internet, you must find those images. You may need to find glue, paper, pens, glitter, colored pens, motivational quotes anything that will help invigorate your senses or illustrates, in image form, exactly what it is that you want to attain. You will definitely need a board. This is you, now mapping out your life, so, you cannot afford to rush this part. Take your time and put the images together, the images must depict the desired goal or ambition. Some people have even been known to attend vision board parties, where people get together, create, brainstorm and get inspired. Whatever it is that you need to do to get you in the mood, just do it to help take you to the next level.
  1. Keep your board in a place where you can see it daily, this may seem obvious but it is a way to connect, keep on track and serve as a reminder daily. This is key because along the way you may face challenges, seeing your board daily will keep you focused.

All the best with creating your vision board. @ladysamgh.

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