New chartered taxi service unveiled


A new indigenous ride hailing transport service, CediCab, has been launched in Accra, with a commitment to disrupt Ghana’s transport sector, especially the app taxi charter industry in Ghana and in Africa.

Managers of the new service say they are poised to exceed customer expectations by providing exceptional services to consumers. With drivers stepping out of their seats to open the doors for customers to sit before driving off, the CediCab is set to make huge inroads into the ride hailing services market.

The service offers passengers the avenue to request for rides on their smartphones via an application (app). The service, unlike the other ride hailing services owns all fleet of cars at its disposal. CediCab is owned by GoldCab which was established back in 2005.

“CediCab is unique, different and we can assure the Ghanaian traveling of convenience, safety and security; our aim is to provide unrivaled transport service to the public with a touch of professionalism, security, culture and comfort,” Executive Chairman of the GoldCab Group,” Mr Henry Osei said.

Mr. Osei assured the public “our combined experience will guarantee you the best experiences and services.” “Because we own the vehicles we have control over them and so are able to do appropriate checks on both drivers and vehicles before they go out there.

According to Mr. Osei, painstaking checks are done to guarantee safety of passengers, adding “we do routine fuel, tyre pressure and break checks to ensure that we offer the client security, convenience and comfort.” He maintained that there was no way any customer will suffer mechanical challenges on the way because of lack of adherence to the appropriate controls.

The service gives passengers a chauffeured experience, with all safety protocols observed at moderate rates. Offers include the standard package, rapid drop package, driver for hire and the special care package. Smartly attired drivers working with CediCab can boast of professionalism, the requisite training and excellent relationship with their clients.

With all cars comprehensively insured, “passengers are assured of safety in case of anything.” Mr. Osei disclosed passengers could log onto the website of the company and place their requests or download the app via google store and request for services.

Being an offshoot of a security company, Krugerbrent Security, our drivers possess have no criminal records, have technology savvy, have basic security training and basic martial arts training. Customer service has been scheduled to run 24hours with professional personnel always available to answer queries, help customers book and troubleshoot app-related questions.

The perfection of service is our mantra and we hope to exceed your expectation. “Our mission is to provide safe, fast and efficient taxi service that is second to none in Ghana,” he said.

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