5 Critical Tips for Ambitious Youngsters from the One and Only 19 Keys 


E​mbarking on our careers is a thrilling but scary part of life. It isn’t easy, and when you lack experience, it’s essential to make up for it with valuable advice from someone who has been in your shoes. When it comes to young people, employers are looking for potential, and currently, they have high hopes from the next generation. Global thought leader, business revolutionary, and author 19 Keys is passionate about helping young people find satisfying careers.

“​When you start on your career, you have to make a promise to yourself that you will deliver,” explains 19 Keys. “It will take time, but through dedication and commitment, anything is possible.” He shares five meaningful tips for young people just starting their careers.

1​. Set realistic goals

“​Success takes time. Break it down into steps and accomplish one milestone at a time,” states 19 Keys. “Set your goals 1, 5, 10 years out and prepare accordingly. You won’t get everything in the first year, but accomplish what you can, and you will eventually reach your goal.”

2​. Find a mentor

“​Don’t try to make friends. Find a mentor,” explains 19 Keys. “Mentorship is everything in business, and a good mentor will help you transform into the person you want to become.”

3​. Seek out professional career services

“​A polished and professional presentation matters and employers are looking for perfection in that regard,” says 19 Keys. “Hire a resume writer or a business coach to ensure you are putting your best foot forward.”

4​. Read as much as you can

“​A lot of young people naively assume they know everything,” states 19 Keys. “But the truth is, no one does. Read as much as you can and increase the amount of knowledge you bring to the table. Never stop learning.”

5​. Keep a positive attitude

“​You will face a lot of rejection at first, and that’s okay. It happens to everyone,” explains 19 Keys. “Keep a positive attitude and let it power you through the failures while it carries you to success.”

K​nown for his ability to reach audiences with honest and life-changing advice, 19 Keys believes that it’s easy to open the doors to success with the right mindset and approach.

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