WhoopUncovered: from passion to profession

WhoopUncovered: from passion to profession

…a conversation with Juliet Bawuah on building her brand with sports

Juliet Bawuah is a Ghanaian sports journalist who has written for top media houses. Juliet has interviewed FIFA President, Gianni Infantino as well as the former World Player of the Year and current Liberia President George Weah.

She became well known as a result of her interview with Gianni Infantino, on the sidelines of a FIFA Summit in the North-Western African country, Mauritania. She also founded the Africa Women’s Sports Summit, a programme that brings together Africa’s leading female sports names and aspiring ones.

Juliet is the Group Head of Sports at Media General, one of the leading media companies in Ghana.

Joy Gentle of Whoopro had a WhoopUncovered conversation with Juliet Bawuah on how she uses her social influence to be a leading source for sports news.

Q: Do enlighten us about your background.  Who is the woman, Juliet Bawuah?

A: Juliet Bawuah is a sports journalist with over a decade’s experience across multiple mediums.

Q: How did you get into sports?

A: Passion drove me into sports. Later, it became a full-time career path. So, it is a case of passion to portfolio.

Q: What has the journey been like for you, building your brand as a sports journalist?

A: It’s been a mixed bag. There have been highs and some lows. But in all, it’s been such an incredible ride. I am glad I signed up for this. I have enjoyed every bit of it.

Q: Building off of the mixed bag, what does a typical day look like for you as a sports personality?

A: I head straight to the office at Media General, where I attend to my Group Head of Sports duties. I spend time ensuring we are competing favourably in our space. In between those hours, I do make time to attend to some other professional commitments.

Q: Just a few weeks ago, these football teams had the whole country at the edge of their seats, as a sports personality, is it Hearts of Oak or Asante Kotoko?

A: Lol. Give me some few more years to come back and answer this question proudly. We are still growing as a people. We haven’t got to the point where we normalize Ghanaian sports journalists openly professing their love for their favourite local teams

Q: Rumor has it that you are an ardent United fan. With the new signings coming in, where do you think that would place the Reds on the EPL this season?

A: Yes, I am proudly Man Utd. For the upcoming season, it is looking like Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool for a possible Top 4.

Q: How have you been able to go against the odds in a male dominated industry like sports?

A: By staying true to the trade. I don’t limit myself to the conquest or otherwise of any gender found in the mix. I see equal opportunity and I go for what I can. That way, I can own and account for my successes and failures.

Q: This is a very profound mentality. On that note a huge congratulations going out to you on launching African women in sports. How has championing a cause such as this one been for you?

A: The Africa Women’s Sports Summit is an initiative that excites us all. We set out to offer greater female inclusion in the ecosystem and I believe we have done fairly okay after two editions.

Q: Is there another summit in the near future?

A: Yes, we are preparing for our third edition this year.

Q: What’s your take on the gender play gap of women in sports journalism?  And to the young (er) woman seeking to follow in your strides, what advice do you wish to extend?

A: There is still some work to be done. We have to take our place by putting in the work and being disciplined. With the right work ethic, we can do it. For the young ones looking to join, there is enough space, come in and explore to the best of your ability.

Q: We all long for the best in our fields of interest, what does your ideal future in African sports look like? What steps do we have to take to get there?

A: That we will have an industry which embraces inclusion, pursues infrastructural agenda and works at improving the quality of all sporting disciplines. That sports in Africa will grow from being a pastime for many to a full commercial basket we can all tap from

Q: In your opinion does the sports industry in Ghana get a fair share of the national cake?

A: It can be better. This can only be achieved when there is a deliberate national agenda to make sports a major revenue driver

Q: On the subject of improvement, do you believe there’s been any since the Anas Expose? And how can we build upon that?

A: Improvement, fairly yes but it also depends on which strand you may be speaking to. We all have to play our roles as custodians of what we say is our heartbeat.

Q: Aside Black stars what is the best African team? Why?

A: Not one particular team. The national teams have also improved with time so, this too, is hard to say.

Q: I must commend you on your ability to recognize and award each team’s effort. Which would you term your top 3 personality interviews conducted so far? And who ranks first?

A: FIFA President Gianni Infantino, FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura and Abedi Pele.

Q: What’s one thing these 3 personalities you interviewed share in common?

A: That ambition must be driven by determination.

Q: Please share with us your greatest achievements and what we should expect from the wonderful woman Juliet Bawuah in the near future.

A: I have had too many highs on this road. I remain thankful every day because those define my ambition. They are many i can’t list them all. There is more to come from the Juliet Bawuah brand. Thank you for the support. I appreciate it

Q: We at Whoopro would like to say a big thank you for making the time to get #whoopuncovered.  All the best in your journey.

A: Thank you, guys. Glad we did this.

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