Madison Dalmaso Talks About Working With Bob Proctor And More


Even with a degree from one of the most respected colleges in the nation, people might switch gears on their career path. Madison Dalmaso graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2018. She did not go into the corporate world, but her education did provide a strong background for the career path she selected.

Madison has an entrepreneurial spirit, and she knew very quickly that the corporate world was not going to be a good fit for her. Immediately after graduating from Kent, she spent a year of personal development under the mentorship of the legendary Bob Proctor. In this short amount of time, Madison has become an expert in social media, a top-tier network marketer, is on the path to becoming a sought-after public speaker and positioned to become a multi-millionaire by the age of 24.

Now among Bob Proctor’s inner circle, meaning his top 5 consultants, Madison is a leading personal development coach who helped 50 new clients begin their self-development journeys. More notably, she signed these 50 clients in just 15 weeks. Though she was Bob’s pupil for a year, Madison had achieved phenomenal success in just 6 months. By learning about the possibilities of self-development from a legend, she quickly went into business for herself.

Today, Madison creates online courses for this amazing program and serves as a mentor to fempreneurs, or female entrepreneurs. She has been a podcast guest on Apple and Spotify, sharing this life-changing program and encouraging people to enroll so they can unlock their potential and live their best lives. Madison will also be starring in an upcoming reality TV show called The Social Movement.

At 24, this brilliant young woman has transformed her life and that of others. She is poised to reach great heights in the business world as the youngest member of Bob Proctor’s inner circle yet all the while, being a force of nature in her own right.


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