CIMG launches regional brand index report and awards


By Sandra Agyeiwaa OTOO

The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) has launched the Ghana Regional Brand Index (GH-RBI) publication and 35th edition of its Annual National Marketing Performance Awards, with a call on marketers and businesses to embrace innovation, creativity and excellence in marketing.

The Regional Brand Index Report is a pioneering project that seeks to promote regional brands in Ghana. This report highlights the unique strengths and potentials of each region, providing insights for policymakers, investors and marketers.

The Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, in a speech read on his behalf mentioned that the event signifies a pivotal moment in a collective effort to enhance and promote the country’s unique identities and strengths,  adding that it will enhance the country’s tourism and economic development while commending CIMG for the initiative.

“The Regional Brand Index report  launch is a strategic initiative that holds immense benefits for the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture – particularly in terms of policy-decisions – and provides information for tourism product development and for potential investors in the tourism, arts and culture space. Allow me to elaborate on these benefits and their implications for various stakeholders,” he stated.

“To policymakers, the detailed insights provided by the report will offer a comprehensive understanding of each region’s strengths and areas for improvement. A data-driven approach in policymaking and intervention will significantly aid the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, and other governmental bodies, in formulating policies that are tailored to the specific needs and potentials of each region. This ensures that our strategies are not only effective but also equitable and inclusive,” he added.

According to Mr. Awal, the report can also provide indicators for regional performance across various parameters and government can make more informed decisions regarding the allocation of resources. He said by highlighting the unique economic and tourism potentials of our regions, policies can now be designed to promote regional tourism, boost local economies and create jobs, thereby contributing to national economic growth and poverty alleviation.

On his part, the Regional Brand Index will guide targetted marketing campaigns, boosting domestic and international tourism and informing investor decisions.

“Insights from the index will also enable the crafting of more effective marketing campaigns that showcase the distinct attractions of each region. This will not only promote domestic tourism but also attract international tourists, thereby increasing our tourism revenues. The Regional Brand Index will also serve as a vital tool for investors by providing a clear picture of the investment landscape across Ghana,” he stated.

“ With detailed information on each region’s assets and potentials, investors can make informed decisions about where to allocate their resources, leading to mutually beneficial partnerships and sustainable development,” he explained.

Mr. Awal said: “Launching the Regional Brand Index Report is a significant milestone in our journey toward achieving a well-balanced and prosperous Ghana. It underscores our commitment to recognising and harnessing the unique potentials of each region, fostering inclusive growth and promoting our rich cultural heritage and tourism”.

National President-Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG), Dr. Kasser Tee, emphasised the importance of leveraging research to promote regional brands and encouraged marketers to champion the spirit of innovation, creativity and excellence.

“This pioneering project is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and the importance we attach to leveraging research to promote our regional brands as a means to the bigger agenda of marketing Ghana as a corporate brand. The Coffee Table Publication we launch today encapsulates the rich diversity, vibrancy and potentials for each of the 16 regional brands in Ghana,” he said.

“Looking ahead, it is imperative for each region to embark on a journey of deliberate and strategic communications to champion and promote their virtues as they strive to build resilient brand identity. This entails balancing tradition with modernism and innovation to create the needed excitement around their brands – a delicate mix that will help define the essence of each regional brand,” he added.

Mr. Tee urged his outfit to remain steadfast in the commitment to unlocking the full potential of Ghana’s regional brands, forging a path toward prosperity and global recognition while embarkng on this transformative journey.

The Deputy Managing Director (Corporate Resources) Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG), Nana Ama Poku, expressed CBG’s excietment to support a guide for investors and travellers to navigate Ghana’s regions, promoting tourism and investment.

“For us at CBG, we are excited to be part of this laudable initiative to produce a resource that investors, visitors and travellers worldwide can use as a guide to navigate Ghana’s sixteen regions based on data surveyed by the team of experts and researchers. We believe that this comprehensive report will not only showcase the diverse attractions and opportunities in Ghana but also promote sustainable tourism and investment in the country,” she stated.

According to her, research is the cornerstone of progress. It is through meticulous investigation, critical analysis and innovative thinking that one can confront the challenges faced in society and proffer solutions for a better future. She said the publication launched is a testament to this process.

She urged businesses to submit their nominations for the awards, which she described as a launchpad for greater feats.

“To all the potential participants, I encourage you to submit your nominations. Do not be shy – showcase the exceptional work you, your team or your organisation has done. Let this award event be a launchpad for even greater feats,” she noted.

The Vice President-Chattered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) and Chairman-Awards Planning and Selection Committee, Theodore Osae, outlined the rigorous process of selecting award winners – which involves a thorough review of nominations by a team of experts and research partners.

“The Institute is determined to maintain high standards, ensuring that the criteria for evaluating individual and corporate performances are not compromised. We are dedicated to keeping the awards processes simple, transparent and fair. This commitment has propelled us, as a responsive institution, to consistently introduce new ideas aimed at enhancing the categories, processes and procedures,” he mentioned.

According to him, in recent years they have successfully implemented an online system for nominees to complete the awards questionnaire and for judges, selected from various industries, to conduct their assessments. He said this setup has enabled CIMG to uphold a rigorous process, maintaining both standards and credibility.

The awards, which cover six major competitive areas – including Hall of Fame, Personality, Media and Marketing Communications, Business, Products and Not-for-Profit organisation – aim to recognise and reward outstanding marketing performance in Ghana.

The CIMG Annual National Marketing Performance Awards have been the longest-standing and most credible awards in the country, promoting marketing excellence and recognising outstanding performance in the industry.

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