Poetry Corner: Connected from bottom up 

poetry corner

In the bleak future of the State

When there is nothing good at stake

Many are the present culprits

Many leave their fingerprints

Printed on the rotten State

Many have dug footprints

Into the sand of the National mess


Hear from the favourite man among men

“I’m favoured among men

I’m from the first as well as the second generations

A progeny’s progeny

A progeny of the potent incumbent

An incumbent who wields power

An incumbent’s power to hire and to fire

An incumbent looking for an incompetent to hire

An incumbent with no fire to fire


I was hired over competence

I was hired never to be fired

For I am still a progeny of the incumbent

An incumbent whose power never sways

Power to empower the veritable progeny anyways


I was born into  the norm

The norm of normal rule of work

I report late for work

But I leave so long before work

So traffic on the highway doesn’t run me late

On my way to meet my date


I work at my own pace

Slow pace

On lazy days

From a moody Monday

Through a whining Wednesday

To a friendly Friday


This is the story of old

So I was told

It’s Aban Edwuma

So I was told

It was here before I was old

It will be here after I am old

So I was told

Ain’t worth lifting it high

High up on my shoulder

Lift it no higher

No higher than my thigh could shoulder


It’s Aban Edwuma

When I was born into it

When I walked into it

I was full of work

Ready to work


My zeal for work suffered a shocking berth

My zeal was sentenced to a stillbirth

For all pretended to work


It’s Aban Edwuma

Take a bite, only a bite

No deep bite

Leave a bite for some others to have a bite

When it’s their turn to take a bite


I boast

Not about my competence

I boast

Now about my worthlessness

Oh I work at…

Ghana Broadband of Corruption

Ministry of Mediocrity

Department of no Results

Institute of Complacency

I boast

About my fat pay cheque


I am the second and the third in command

See me or see no one

See me or nothing gets done

On a whim I withdraw my services

I tell the whole world I am on strike

I command the one with the people’s purse

Pay me or else!

Meet my attorney in court

But you will surely see me on pay day”


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