Corporate Poet: Donate Blood Donate Life


In the prison bars of sickness

Tied down by the chains off pain

Confined to the bed all day long

Struggling for fresh air to breath

Now an alien to food and water

Shivering from the cold of the weather

The tears of sorrow filled their eyes

All day long they lie on the hospital bed

The hope for survival gradually eroding

Life and death engaged in a battle

In need of help, in need of blood


What is more expensive than life?

Run, run without delay to their rescue!

It is our right and our responsibility

It is our duty and our obligation

To show great kindness and love

An act of patriotism and care

To help one another is a privilege

Donate blood, donate life!


What is more precious that blood?

It is expensive yet money cannot buy

It is the king and leader of all the liquids

When blood smiles, then you are healthy

When blood cries, then your body is sick

It is the pillar of all body movements

It is the body’s missile defense system

It is the foundation stone of all humans

The rolling wheels of human life

Wherever blood goes, life flows

It is the red gold

Donate blood, donate life!


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