Women in Forex

Gifty Annor-Sika Asantewah

All over the world, economies are fiercely being pushed to broaden their technological and digital horizons with the rate at which the Internet is taken over all aspects of corporate world.

The digital economy stands out in this narrative, making it the newest way to approach and efficiently conduct business in the 21st century.

The globe is being challenged – especially the African continent – to step up a notch in this area of innovation, and indeed it is an undeniable fact that the world is now leaning toward pandemic-proof, sustainable strategic livelihoods. Governments, multinational companies, banks etc. are today pressured to digitalise their products and services.

The digital scope for decades has been proven to produce far more easy access to reach and opportunities for businesses who dare to go beyond the norm to tap and adapt digitisation and technology.

The Forex industry plays a major role in the digital economy, and it’s the leader in the digital finance sector. Forex is the biggest and most participated market in the world, with 6.7 billion transactions daily.

The sector also poses enormous financial and career opportunities, yet is the least exploited in sub-Saharan African.

Appropriately 15% of the 1.26 billion African populace is engaged in the Forex sector, and it is mostly dominated by men.

The sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations explicitly have:

  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Reduction of poverty/inequality
  • Gender Equality
  • Women Empowerment

Quality Education is their main pivotal concern, and blueprints a more sustainable future for all.

It is paramount at this point for our leaders, private organisations, investors to advocate an educational system that delves solidly into financial literacy at a young age, with emphasis and exploration of the opportunities the forex market brings – taking into consideration the rising unemployment on the continent coupled with the stifling of businesses in this pandemic era.

It is in this light that a group of young, learned and experienced professional financial analysts have deemed it necessary to use their experiences and expertise in the know-how of financial analysis to impact and drive a financial literacy movement for forex trading skills in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

WOMEN IN FOREX GHANA is the 1st registered professional forex analyst association in Ghana and West Africa, and has successfully trained and mentored over 500 youth through its national forex tour, conference, boot-camps etc. over the past 3 years.

The organisation is set to launch a 10-year forex project in July this year, dubbed the ‘ELEVATE GHANA FOREX PROJECT 2021’, to train, nurture, mentor and source funding for trainees – with the youth, especially women, as its target.

It’s about time we invested in experiential learning and skill-set acquisitions that are relevant in this digitalised age to be pandemic-proof for sustainability and financial sufficiency.

The association is in a positive standing to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, government’s bid to promote education for all, and digitalisation in the country.

Women In Forex Ghana’s key objective is to encourage/promote innovation and skill-sets to meet the current career and financial challenges.

The organisation has a proven record of fostering networking and creating a family-oriented environment for trainees to further learn beyond the scope of the financial market, through frequent career opportunity seminars and educational trips – namely, I TRADE AND TRAVEL WITH SIKA.

Women In Forex Ghana believes in giving back to society, and as such has several collaborations with social enterprises that are into aims and charity; and is ever-ready to engage more in partnering collaborations with interested institutions.

Financial literacy and money conversations need to be normalised to reduce the high levels of fraudulent schemes taking hold in our country. We must change our money game, and WOMENINFOREXGH has got that covered.

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