Zeepay to provide smart kiosks to MoMo agents to address security fears


Zeepay is set to provide mobile money (MoMo) agents with smart kiosks fitted with security features to help address their fears of being attacked by armed robbers at operation centers.

According to the Managing Director of Zeepay, Andrew Takyi-Appiah, one of the primary concerns of MoMo agents is security and as a player in that space his outfit is committed to helping address that challenge.

“One of the primary concerns is security. It is very clear that security is top on the agenda and our strategy, after engaging with them today, is to go back to the drawing board and see how we can help them to improve security at the point of sale. We are looking at coming in with secured kiosks that are digitally enabled with all the relevant security features and CCTV cameras on them to keep agents safe and also alert security agencies in terms of robbery,” he said.

Mr. Takyi-Appiah was speaking during an engagement with executives of the Mobile Money Advocacy Group (MOMAG), to familiarize with their operations and foster cordial working relationship. The engagement provided an opportunity for both entities to learn from each other and understand how each system operates in order to work together to provide the best of service to consuming public.

The Zeepay MD indicated that a concern of movement of cash from point of service to banks and vice versa is a challenge mentioned by the agents and his outfit will analyze the situation to see how best to address it.

National President, MOMAG, Nyarkoa Boayitey Addo, reiterated the relevance of the smart kiosk system that Zeepay is about to provide, stressing that the security features such as CCTV cameras and sirens that inform people around of a threat situation when an agent presses the bottom is well appreciated and will be embraced with gladness.

“Zeepay is our own Ghanaian-owned company and they are coming up with digital kiosk for agents which has so many security features including CCTV cameras and alarms. So, with this, agents can inform their neighbors that this is my alarm sound so whenever you hear this sound it means I am in trouble therefore call the nearest police station. To MOMAG, this means that they have us, the agents, at heart and since they have us at heart, we will also work with them gladly,” she emphasized.

She further expressed MOMAG’s appreciation to Zeepay for inviting them for an engagement to get firsthand information from them on how to best address challenges within the industry. Adding that it is time for merchants and platform owners to involve agents in deliberations and decision-making processes or implementation of policies that have impact on them as they work hand-in-hand.

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