Recipe: Coconut Bread


Coconut Bread has become trendy and the new found love for bread lovers because it is delicious and a healthier choice. Coconut bread is rich in fibre, aids in good digestion and leaves you feeling full for longer, which makes it the idle choice especially for individuals who want to keep their weight in check. It is super easy to make and loaded with rich coconut goodness. 


  • Hard flour -100g
  • Desiccated coconut -200g
  • Yeast – 12g
  • Salt – 6g
  • Sugar -120g
  • Dainess Margarine -120g
  • Water – 200g
  • Fresh milk -80g
  • Coconut milk -100g
  • Egg            -1
  • Dainess vanilla essence- drop 

Cooking Instructions

  • Weigh all ingredients into the mixer, the mixing machine bowl
  • Mix all together, and knead well.
  • Remove dough and leave to rise in a warm place to double size
  • Bring back the rising dough into the mixer and knock back (beat back) for 2mins until the elastic gluten is achieved (dough becomes smooth).
  • Remove dough and mold into a round shape, thus bread rolls and any other shape
  • Arrange on the trays
  • Leave to prove
  • Egg wash, sprinkle some desiccated coconut and bake until golden brown.

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