Poetry Corner: Pampered for life 

Poetry Corner

They were the pampered daughters of Auntie Suzzie

Three in all

From Angel to Pearl to Sweetie

Raised inside a house gated with walls raised tall

Trained not to touch with decorated fingers and nails

Allowed to saunter in decorated toes and nails

Blessed with fingers and nails so nourished

Dressed in toes and nails so garnished


Served with breakfast in bed

With spread of omelet on bread

Served a dinner of cakes and chocolates

Served by housemaids and handmaids

From bathroom to bedroom

Handmaids who served garnished dishes

Housemaids who washed dirty dishes

Houseboys who laundered things both outer and inner

Also things over and under


The young Sweetie grew in beauty and sweetness

To outshine her older pampered siblings

The young suitors failed not to notice her beauty and sweetness

One date after another end in a courtship

But many courtships never ended in a walk down the aisle


Sweetie never grew beyond her beauty and sweetness

Never to convince any suitor of her sweetness for matrimony

For she failed in some matters

From cleaning manners to kitchen matters

Even to boil an egg was a fumbling toil

This, her matrimonial chances it foiled


Auntie Suzzie made one bold attempt

To snatch one young suitor

For her sweet daughter

A contrived pregnancy pandered to a hurried matrimony

Where a premature ectopic delivery

Ended in a fatal caesarian section

When a stillbirth

Led to a chilling death



Pearl appeared better prepared for life

She reaped rich results from academic pursuits

She found a suitor early in her academic journey

And stuck to him despite many holes in his pocket

The young suitor saw but overlooked Pearl’s kitchen flaws


Things looked up

Till it was time to hook up

…for life

Then her kitchen flaws showed up

…with no letup

And his pocket holes

…presented their full emptiness


As Pearl desired a fuller pocket from a higher bracket

Suitor sought a better home manageress

Even from a lower bracket

For such was what compatibility meant


Auntie Suzzie made one bold attempt

To snatch a prosperous suitor for her pampered Pearl

A contrived matrimony

A suspended pregnancy

…was all it took for Pearl to become a childless spouse

From then on waiting till eternity



Angel had to bid her time to seek angelic intervention

In a short time angelic attention came to her intervention

Before she peaked she was picked up to be a complement

Before she even petitioned she picked seed to be a parent

Before Angel could practice to act parent

Auntie Suzzie made one cold attempt


She seized her daughter’s daughter to feed

And to pamper

To raise in the four tall walls of doting

Angel was not pleased

She could only whimper


Auntie Suzzie now made a bold attempt

To snatch away Angel’s husband of little means

To fix her a new one of plentiful means

That would not be until many blue moons

As Angel waited for another angelic intervention

She made her way back into the house of gated tall walls

To bid her time inside the same coop that pampered all for life


And so it came to pass

That the daughters with decorated nails

…were pampered for life

And house-helps with tortured days

…were prepared for life


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