African Youth Climate Hub launches an incubation program for green start-ups


The African Youth Climate Hub (AYCH), an African Youth climate platform, has formally called for application to its Climate Start-up Incubation Program promoting sustainable development.

AYCH as a partnership between the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, OCP Group and YOUNGO (Children and Youth Constituency to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) was launched by Princess Lalla Hasnaa, President of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, at the Climate Action Summit chaired by the United Nations Secretary-General in New York in September 2019.

This new Hub brings the voice and actions of young Africans to the forefront, boosting their leadership for climate protection and sustainable development. Based at the Hassan II International Center for Environmental Training, the academic arm of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection the African Youth Climate Hub connects young people on a digital platform and supports their initiatives.

The incubation program, an essential priority of the African Youth Climate Hub, is to be run jointly by Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and the Hassan II International Center for Environmental Training to spur entrepreneurship and foster the emergence of new talent. This program aims at facilitating the development of innovative green businesses in Africa, combating climate change and promoting sustainable development. Businesses to emerge from the Hub shall place social and environmental considerations on an equal footing to economic drivers.

This program will offer the start-ups a customized six-month program during which they will benefit from practical and tailored support as well as workshops empowering them with the means to successfully execute projects and convert ideas into viable technological prototypes. A training program will enable young entrepreneurs to absorb key aspects of law, strategy, marketing and communication, psychology, technology and climate knowledge, among others, essential to their success.

AYCH will incubate 10 projects driven by young Africans in this first edition. To apply, candidates are invited to connect to, download the incubation offer, create an account and submit their projects directly online. The deadline to apply is February 5.

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