NHIA introduces new features on NHIS cards


The National Health Insurance Authority has introduced new features on the NHIS membership cards aimed at improving service delivery and to ease members’ obligation of replacing cards after every five-year mandatory replacement period.

Although the Authority has maintained the basic outlook of the membership card, the new features have an extension of a validity period from five to 10 years with no expiry date embossed on the front view of the card.

One significant feature that the new card showcases is the mobile renewal notification at the back of it. By simply dialing *929#, this notice serves as a guide to members on the fastest, safest and easiest way of renewing membership.

The NHIS seeks to remind members that despite the extended 10-year validity span, the NHIS card must be renewed annually for members to be able to access healthcare under the scheme.

NHIS – NIA merger

In spite of the introduction of the new features on the card, NHIS members are however reminded that healthcare can be equally accessed with the Ghana card by simply dialing *929# to link NHIS card to the Ghana card.

This merger constitutes the NHIA’s digitized plan of action to make healthcare accessible to all, match the benefit package with the health needs of members and to ultimately position Ghana in line with the attainment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030.

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