Prudential Bank donates vehicle in support of 2020 Teacher Prize

Prudential Bank donates vehicle in support of 2020 Teacher Prize

Prudential Bank, an indigenous bank has reiterated its commitment to supporting and motivating teachers to continue training and developing the country’s future leaders.

The Bank’s Executive Head of Operations, Mr. Thomas Broni in his remarks at a ceremony held in Accra during which the Bank donated a vehicle to support the 2020 Teacher Prize in Accra said “teachers are arguably one of the most important professional groups in the country as they play a crucial role in developing the nation’s human resource”.

The vehicle, a Volkswagen double cabin pickup was presented at the launch of the 2020 teachers’ awards ceremony with the theme “Teacher Leadership in Developing Crisis Education Response”.

Mr. Broni added that a motivated teacher is crucial to a successful classroom engagement, hence the need to support and keep them motivated at all times.

“Teachers give children purpose, set them up for success as citizens and imbibe them with the drive to succeed in life. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and a motivated teacher is that critical component that ensures that children are ready for their future” he said.

He emphasized that the Bank has over the years supported the teachers prize because of its belief and conviction in the important role teachers’ play in the society.

“For us at Prudential Bank, it has always been evident that this nation’s biggest resource lies with the men and women who selflessly nurture the next generation of leaders.” he said.

Mr. Christian Addai-Poku, Acting Executive Secretary of the  National Teaching Council speaking at the launch said teachers have been at the forefront of providing support for learners even in this period when the world is faced with the Corona Virus, its greatest crisis since World War-II. The National Teaching Council is the national body rewarding deserving teachers.

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