Breakout Northern music sensation, Bless Dee (One Star) stages maiden concert in Tamale


Tamale-based breakthrough music sensation, Bless Dee (One Star) is set to hold his maiden concert on August 13 to thrill fans to his magical performance and his hit songs. The ground-breaking concert is to be held at the P-Corner Gardens inside the Northern Regional capital, Tamale.

It will feature Bless Dee (One Star), a native of the sprawling commercial city, perform songs from his newly released album. The concert is an avenue for One Star, a home-bred boy, to connect with his core base, whom he prides as the shoulders upon which he stands to be able to sing to the whole world.


Tickets for the concert went on sale this week, with renowned pundits already predicting a sold-out show. Bless Dee (One Star) has dominated the Northern Music Industry for two straight years with multiple hits. He has also held four successful free shows in Tamale that were hugely patronised.

Streaming numbers

The concert comes at a time when Bless Dee’s (One Star) album is topping international streaming sites across the country and the globe at large. It has so far garnered more than 500,000 streams on BoomPlayer in less than 12 months, making The One Star Bless Dee one of the acts from Northern Ghana that music lovers yearn to listen to. His songs have also won top international songs of the month for more than five consecutive months.

Budding star

Born Abdul Gafaru Shahadu, Bless Dee (One Star) broke into the music scene only two years ago but has already made tremendous impact. In 2020, he was the Next Rated Artist nominee for 3MUSIC Awards, a category he won.


Beyond these, Bless Dee (One Star) boasts of two hit singles that have recorded more than 120,000 streams. Beyond the strong local following, he has huge international following, mostly from neighboring countries. His works are widely distributed Tunecore Inc.

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