Mindset with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei … Adaptability


No matter how unexpected a change might occur, it is always for the benefit of the human race. The human race always has the ability to adapt to anything no matter the circumstances.

In the course of this pandemic, I have noticed how most companies have adapted to this new condition.

As a matter of fact, this adaptability nature of humans is what has made it survive living in the medieval era of   the wilderness with wild huge animals, adverse weather or climate conditions.

Indeed, the different colour pigmentations of the human race clearly demonstrates this adaptability to harsh adverse climates

So what is Adaptability?

Adaptability is the ability to adjust to new conditions or the capacity to be modified for a new use.

For instance;

Whoever thought a car company like General Motors could be used to manufacture Ventilators to deal with this covid 19 pandemic especially when all the structure of its factory is mainly designed to build cars.

Most beverage companies had to adapt by producing alcohol based products such as sanitizers.

Other companies did adapt to production of text kits, temperature kits and so forth.

Now companies like UBER are thinking of installing PPE (personal protective equipment into their Cab mobile businesses.

Amazon which is popularly known for online marketing and deliveries have also adapted to producing of text kits.

The adaptability shift now would be geared towards virtual world of businesses.

Experiences of such world virtual platforms are going to get greater in our lives.

No adversity in this human endeavor has ever been able to topple the adaptation ability of the human race. It will be slow but eventually we would over come.

Think about it.

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