Krif educates customers on product quality


Krif Ghana limited, leading suppliers of quality stationery and office equipment, organised a day’s workshop at the British Council last week to educate customers and the general public on the need to demand top quality products which reflects value for money.

“Krif always want to interface with its partners, stakeholders and customers, and this is one of such interactions where we come together with our customers and stakeholders and put at their disposal the solutions that our products offer, and take their reactions on the spot.

It is faster and more interactive than sending emails and sometimes too, the customers don’t get the opportunity to give feedback, and this initiative seeks to address all that,” Rev. Kennedy Okosun stated.

The workshop saw customers and representatives of various corporate institutions, taking note of the various features and efficiency of the equipment and stationery in stock.

The products that were on shelves for exhibition included; pens, pencils and other writing material from Pelikan, key boxes, fireproof safes, name badges, and mega frames produced by Durable.

Also, on display were products from top European brands such as Tesa, Herlitz, Geha, Bantex and Olympia money counting machines amongst others. Vincent Adjei, Marketing Director,Krif, did a presentation on their features and capabilities.

Rev. Kennedy Okosun, the Chief Executive Officer of Krif alternatively mentioned his expectations regarding the president of the republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s state of the nation address.

“In the president’s state of the nation address today, we in business desire the right policies. Favourable policies that will always enhance an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

Policies which to do with taxation, policies which has to do with cost of doing business, and borrowing from the bank amongst others, is what we expect; so whatever the government will put in place that will help in this direction, will greatly enhance the business operation and environment at large.”

“Today is all about educating our customers on the products that they want to use because most at times, the customers are not well informed so they are not able to make the right choice on the products and equipment that they use. We want them to know the features and the differences between the products we offer unto the market and the ones our other competitors are offering,”

In the coming year, Krif customers should expect excellent customer experience, value for money and added value for customers.

To exchange money for goods or products that do not meet the satisfaction of customers, or offer the right solution is fraud and we are determined at Krif to point this out to consumers by continuously offering quality products.

Gerrard Owusu, a representative at the workshop showed great satisfaction with the organisation emphasising the knowledge he acquired in relation to identifying quality equipment on the market.

“I sell stationery at Lapaz, sometimes customers bring back some of the things they bought from the shop because they broke down when they started using them, and I’m not able to replace it for them because I don’t give any warranty, and I can’t take them back to my supplier so I tell them goods bought are non-replaceable, but today’s workshop has opened my eyes to what quality products mean, and how to maintain customers,” he said.

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