Marketing communication experts caution against insensitivity in messaging


Global Media Alliance (GMA), the market leader in Integrated Marketing Communications, has assembled Ghana’s finest communication brains to impact 100 attendants on Zoom and over 2,000 users on Facebook for effective marketing communications during COVID-19.

The maiden edition of the webinar featured key resource persons like Gayheart Mensah, a connoisseur of strategic and concerted approach to public relations and marketing with a career that spans over 20 years across four different industries; and Ahuma Cabutey Adodoadji, a Senior Marketing Executive with over 10 years’ experience across industries in Ghana and the West Africa region.

Speaking on communication and messaging, Mr. Mensah entreated organisations to align their messages to the current global pandemic.

“It is important for organisations to be sensitive in their communication and circumspect in their messaging during these times. You also need to prove that your brand is not out to profit off customers during this pandemic in order to build a lasting relationship with them afterwards,” he advised.

Mr. Adodoadji also shared insights on the current trends in media consumption. “This is the time for organisations to build more brand love through PR, CSR and advertising. There has been a 66 percent increase in media consumption since the pandemic broke out.

“Television now has the highest consumption followed by social media, radio and government messages. These changing trends should inform the channels which organisations to disseminate their messages through,” he expressed.

Eli Daniel-Wilson, Head of Digital Innovation-Global Media Alliance, shared some insights on digital marketing and how organisations can capitalise on these times to enhance their digital footprints.

The series was hosted by Fati Ali-Shaibu, a broadcast journalist at Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Company. The Global Media Alliance webinar series is partnered by eTV Ghana, Happy FM, YFM and Perception Management International (PMI).

Global Media Alliance (GMA) is an Integrated Marketing Communications Company with over 20 years of experience and expertise in PR and Media Consultancy, Event Management and Brand Activations, Creative Designs & Production, and Digital Innovations.

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