GIS-students demonstrate leadership in community service to La-wireless Cluster of schools


To commence the leadership day event that is organised annually by Ghana International School (GIS), to inculcate leadership qualities into form-two students before they take up leadership roles in form-three, a tree-planting exercise was embarked upon at the premises of La-Wireless Cluster of Schools.

The exercise, which seeks to help curb global warming, was also to help control erosion on the school compound, provide atmospheric oxygen to the school community and also serve as shade for students to relax and study at leisure times.

A group picture of participants (GIS and LA-Wireless students and staff) in the tree-planting exercise

A total of forty GIS students and some staff members in partnership with thirty La-Wireless JHS students on Wednesday 28th February 2018, planted different species of trees on about two-acres of bare land lying in the middle of the school compound.

The vice principal, lower secondary GIS, Madam Aida Abbeyquaye in an interview with the B&FT said: “This is part of our leadership programme that we undertake annually, and this is the fifth year running; it is a whole day out training programme for the students.

“We spend the day teaching them about what leadership is, what leadership qualities they should be looking out for or strive to have, among others. So, we teach them about the communication, decision-making, collaboration and teamwork which they are to put into practice when they get to form-three and are given leadership roles to play.

“Global warming is an issue that is constantly discussed even at international level, and we are also thinking about what we can do to help protect our environment. It is important that we start it small from our community and build on it nation-wide,” she said.

She also indicated that this year’s leadership programme is to enable students be good influences on society – but leadership begins at home, and that is why the school is initiating this exercise.

This year’s edition of the leadership training programme, themed ‘Influence, be a role model’, is slated for Saturday 3rd March 2018 at Legon Botanical Gardens – but the extended partnership with La-Wireless School to help it plant trees on the vast land is part of community service activities which precede the main event.

The Assistant-headmaster of La-Wireless 1JHS, Godwin Mawuli Mensah, appreciated GIS for the kind gesture and support to make the La-Wireless Cluster of Schools’ community a better place to live, saying: “The trees are going to give shade for the students to rest and learn under them; and also, in relation to the eco-system, the trees will give us oxygen and help limit global warming”.

Elinam Mawu-nyegah, one of the students at GIS, described the exercise as very enlightening and fulfilling – knowing her effort is going to help increase the level of oxygen in the atmosphere.

“Trees give us oxygen to live and without trees we can’t survive, so I am glad I have been able to plant a tree today and contribute to survival of human life.”

Stephanie Akua Brew, a form-2I student said: “It is my first time planting a tree, and I feel very good that I am helping people who need these trees because they are going to provide shade to play under and escape effects of the scorching sun.”

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