BEIGE Care unveils ‘Hewale’ health care product


BEIGE Care, a subsidiary of BEIGE – a Financial Services Provider with business interests in Banking, Pensions, Insurance and Investments – has launched a private health insurance product called ‘Hewale’.

Managing Director of BEIGE Care, David Osae-Akoto, speaking at the launch in Accra said: “We thought it wise to extend such a package to all manner of people. Healthcare is very important to all of us, especially those who cannot readily afford to dole out money instantly when the need be. This product enables you to set aside money in a flexible manner so that one can enjoy good healthcare when the need arises.”

‘Hewale’ – an expression in Ga which means good healthcare – is part of a series of BEIGE Healthcare Plans that provide insurance cover for individuals and family units. The product provides access to medical consultation, prescribed drugs, diagnostic investigations, surgical treatment and hospital accommodation.

‘Hewale’ retail plans are categorised into 5 major healthcare plans; red, yellow, green, blue, purple and a 6th (Chronic) for people with chronic conditions.

BEIGE Care’s ‘Hewale’ has well-distributed service providers with 24/7 helplines, flexible payment terms and a wide array of products to choose from.

Commending the effort of BEIGE in rolling out such a package, Juliet Asesebro – who represented the National Health Insurance Authority, regulator of the insurance industry – lauded the role of BEIGE in spreading healthcare support to all and sundry, especially the flexible payment terms that enable all manner of people to enjoy the package.

Together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, BEIGE is currently providing direct employment to over 4,000 people and serving a clientele base in excess of 700,000.

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