Three Things You May Not Know About Izwe Savings and Loans Plc.


Founded in 2011, Izwe Savings and Loans Plc is a Ghanaian non-bank financial institution that specialises in personal finance loans, business loans, asset-backed finance, savings & investment and offers tailored to the needs of people from all walks of life including entrepreneurs, traders, teachers, soldiers, healthcare workers, business owners and any small to medium sized enterprise.

Here are three things you may not know about them.

The Izwe Africa Group

Izwe Savings and Loans Plc is a subsidiary of the Izwe Africa Group, founded in 2004 and now head-quartered in Mauritius, which has the intent and ambition to unlock the potential within Africa’s workforce by providing access to developmental credit and simple financial solutions.


Izwe partnered with Abedi Pele to found Izwe Ghana and he played an instrumental role in the setup of the company and its continual growth and ascent to a leading position as a preferred financial solutions provider for Small and Medium Enterprises, self-employed individuals and government employees.

Combined with the successful track record of the Group across a number of other African countries, it is easy to understand why Izwe Ghana is such a well-supported, trusted and respected financial institution. The company embeds responsible and sustainable values and principles into the entire business structure striving to always ensure a safe and lasting experience which brings customers back, time and time again.

Diverse Product Offerings

Despite its immense popularity in the personal finance and business loan sector, Izwe is also cementing its place as the number one choice for individuals and businesses seeking to save and invest their well-earned funds. Customers can earn high interest on savings and transactional accounts, pay low fees, and can invest for the long term using their fixed term ivest account.

Essentially, at the heart of everything they do, is the Izwe customer and their mission to enable financial freedom for entrepreneurs, workers and small businesses throughout Africa.

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