Derek of “More Plates More Dates” Cannot Stress Enough on the Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle 


When it comes to taking control of your health, fitness can be beneficial towards meeting your goals and obtaining a better quality of life. Many people turn to the gym at first, but it’s essential to consider that developing good habits takes time. It’s about creating a better lifestyle that is sustainable. Derek, the man behind More Plates More Dates, explains why optimizing your health should feel like a seamless lifestyle integration rather than a conscious choice on a daily basis.

More Plates More Dates is a comprehensive health, wellness, and performance platform dedicated to improving people’s lives through legitimate science-based content. Realizing that fitness is a commitment and not just dragging yourself to the gym for an hour every once and a while, Derek built a community that communicates unique information about self-improvement in an entertaining way and makes it fun to educate yourself.

“​I like to focus on self-improvement as a whole, rather than just fitness or exercises in the gym,” explains Derek. “There are so may pigeonholed channels out there that seem to get stuck talking about one thing over and over again. Granted, I often have overlapping topics, or even the exact same topic that comes up repetitively, but I consistently try to incorporate as many aspects of health, vitality, and self-improvement as a whole into my content in an entertaining way. Being fit and healthy isn’t just about eating a certain macro allotment and going to the gym 5 days a week, there are so many deeper topics that most don’t even touch on, like blood work analysis or genetics.” Understanding that no healthy lifestyle is complete without a well thought out plan, Derek develops content that not only educates his viewers, but also presents it in an entertaining way simultaneously to help encourage information absorption.

The owner of Gorilla Mind and Marek Health, Derek believes that an multi-faceted approach towards a high quality lifestyle yields the best results. “You can eat as healthy as you want, but if you aren’t exercising enough, or your sleep hygiene is terrible, you are missing the full picture,” Derek explains. “More often than not, someone will dial in one part of their life, like their workout routine, but then totally neglect the meat and potatoes of recovery or proper nutrition.”

“Prioritizing health entails optimizing several aspects of your life, not just hitting the vanity muscles a couple times each week and assuming you’re healthy because you lift hard” explains Derek. Motivated by a thirst for knowledge, Derek continues to educate himself, and he passes that information along to his followers via his blog, YouTube channel, and other social media platforms.

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