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A Quarter of Mind: The Night Niko Turned (Part III)

A quarter of my mind: The Glitter of False Gold (VI)  

While trying to free her hand from his grip, she jerked the steering of the car and veered violently off the road. She managed...

This is Leadership with Richard Kwarteng Ahenkorah: Measure the team

‘Life is boring without targets’ When you allow the team to work, measure them. It is always assumed that employees that make up a team...


“Others condemned the dead man’s exaggerated tomb for its stupendous beauty and luxury! If you visit Sakora-Wonoo today, his shrine springs out from the...

USELESS COLUMN: ‘The womanizing mentor’

Did you know that ‘a man that knows how to use his tongue is very useful?’ Please do your own interpretations and leave me...
Brandy Snap Basket

Recipes with Dainess Chef’s School: White Chocolate Mousse in Brandy Snap Basket

It is always exciting to have mousse on standby for dessert whether at home or at an event, but it is even more exciting...
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