Sunyani embraces Mekakrawa


In the heart of the Brong Ahafo regional capital, Sunyani, a city well-known for its cleanliness and close-knit community, the streets came alive with the colors and flags of Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, and the air was filled with lively music emanating from a huge decorated truck. It was the official activation of Mekakrawa, a microinsurance product from Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, an event that would change the lives of its residents.

The activation began with a convergence at the Sunyani Post Office, a central location that would draw a diverse crowd eagerly awaiting the event’s kickoff. As the clock struck 10 a.m. on October 25, 2023, the event officially kicked off with a lively parade through some principal streets of Sunyani, led by a group of dancers and skaters, staff of Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, and promoters who were eager to sign people up for the Mekakrawa policy.

The crowd couldn’t contain their excitement, as some joined in, creating an inviting energy that moved through the streets of Sunyani. The parade was a colorful display, with the Mekakrawa banner proudly displayed at the forefront of the truck.

At the first stop of the parade, known as Wednesday Market, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana staff engaged the traders who were curious about this new offering and approached the booth with their questions. They were particularly interested in how Mekakrawa could protect their family’s future. One trader, Aunty Mana asked, “How much does it cost, and what does it cover?” Another Maame Atta added, “And what about beneficiaries?”

To make the event even more interactive and engaging, a “spin the wheel” session was set up at the market. Traders had a chance to not only win Mekakrawa souvenirs such as branded aprons, head umbrellas, and T-shirts but also get the opportunity to be signed on to the policy for free for the first subscription. It wasn’t just about winning items; it was an opportunity to learn more about the insurance product. Several traders expressed interest in signing up for Mekakrawa on the spot and were duly registered by the promoters.

After the market stop, the parade resumed its journey, heading toward the final destination, at the Prudential Place which hosts the PruLife office. The staff of Prudential Life Insurance and the promoters disbursed into the shops, engaging people so they could sign the Mekakrawa policy. The head of Microinsurance at Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, Mr. Thomas Assampong, thanked the residents of Sunyani for the warm welcome and show of love to Prudential Life Insurance Ghana and its newest baby Mekakrawa.

He further entreated all and sundry to protect their future now by signing up for the Mekakrawa policy by reiterating that with as low as GHS 3 they can own a policy and add beneficiaries to that policy. He equally debunked some myths surrounding insurance in general and reassured the people that Mekakrawa is genuine.

Mekakrawa representatives were stationed at both the first and last stop, ready to provide comprehensive information about the insurance options. They explained how the claims process worked and, most importantly, the benefits of choosing Mekakrawa as a trusted insurance partner. The residents of Sunyani most especially the traders were impressed by how easy and affordable it was to get insured with Mekakrawa, and many decided to take that important step toward protecting their futures.

The Mekakrawa activation in Sunyani was not just a one-day event; it was a promise of a brighter future for the people of the city. It was a welcome of affordable insurance that would stand by their side in times of need, and a reminder that protecting your future was now within reach, thanks to Mekakrawa by Prudential Life Insurance Ghana.

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