Canada-Ghana Chamber promotes B2B network among members

Canada-Ghana Chamber promotes B2B network among members

The Canada-Ghana Chamber of Commerce, has embarked on in-house business networking initiative to promote internal business to business (B2B) growth among members.

According to the Executive Board of the Chamber, the move is aimed at giving much value to businesses especially members of the Chamber to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic and grow their businesses.

President of the Canada-Ghana Chamber, Alexander Nortey, indicated that more often, when a member is in need of a particular service, there may be another member who is providing the exact service but without the internal networking members may be unaware and go searching elsewhere.

He also used the opportunity to further urge members of the chamber to use Ghana as a starting point to penetrate the African market, taking full advantage of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) to grow their production capacity.

“We will like to see members networking and build synergies to promote and grow their businesses which will, in the long-run, grow the chamber as well.

We know with this networking they can have the opportunity to market their business dealings to the other members, hoping they can each help in supporting one another in business.  We want our members to use Ghana as the launching point to enter into other African countries based on the conducive business environment, peace and stability that exist here,” he said.

Two member organisations, Rhema Systems and Riepco, were given the platform to perform an in-house presentation to members at the privately held event.

Rhema Systems, the business software solutions provider with over 20 years’ experience in business software implementation, narrated how COVID-19 impacted their operations negatively and nearly took them out of business as most of their solutions and technology were desktop applications whereas working from home on networks or cloud became the new efficient way of doing business.

According to Rhema, within the first six months of COVID-19 pandemic, its revenue lost rate was around 60 percent. However, with determination to innovate and still stay in business, the organization retained all staff and adopted a new products development strategy.

With a philosophy that the greatest asset of the institution is its human resources, an all hands on desk approach was issued and with speed, scale, and flexibility, smart process customer-focused application that solved local problems efficiently and even more affordably were developed.

Amazingly, Rhema has developed eight cutting edge solutions with focus, determination and team spirit making the past 15 months very creative, exciting and motivating in the life of the institution.

Key among these new software solutions include Rhema Education Management System, Electronic Library Management System (E-Library), Document Management System, Workflow Management System, among others.

Riepco limited, a leading industry engineering and consulting company, outlined their various available products and services. As a major service provider in the mining sector, though Riepco was also affected by the pandemic, it did not face too much of a challenge as the mines were still in operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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