GRASAG launches policy research index


The Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana (GRASAG National) has officially launched the GRASAG Policy Research Index (GPRI). The virtual launch brought together a diverse audience, including policy-makers, researchers and esteemed guests.

The GRASAG Policy Research Index (GPRI) is a pioneering initiative designed to systematically evaluate and influence policy directions through rigorous research within the postgraduate student community. This strategic move positions GRASAG not only as an observer, but as a key participant in shaping policies that promote the well-being, growth and success of both postgraduate students and the broader Ghanaian society. The initiative would be spearheaded by the GRASAG Research Directorate with a team of policy research experts.

Mr. Emmanuel Owusu, the National President, emphasised that the GPRI initiative will significantly enhance the national policy discourse in Ghana. He expressed: GRASAG is poised to take the lead in shaping the policy research agenda in Ghana through GPRI. Our commitment is to conduct research on key national policy initiatives, providing data-backed insights to assist present and future governments in making informed decisions. As the National President, my vision is to transform GRASAG into a functional policy research organisation that actively contributes to nation-building”.

Mr. Owusu expressed appreciation for the dedicated efforts of the research directorate members, namely Mark Amoah Nyasapoh, Robert Ipiin Gnankob, Samuel Asare, Ebenezer Adjei Buobu, and Sidik Marizuk. Their unwavering commitment played a pivotal role in bringing the GPRI initiative to fruition.

Dr. Yakubu A. Yakubu, Economist & Founder of Africa Data Reporting Training Institute (AfriDATA), highlighted that the launch of The Grasag Policy Research Index (GPRI) represents a significant stride in fostering informed discussions for Ghana’s development. He emphasised the crucial role of policy research in guiding decision-makers and shaping national development. Dr. Yakubu commended GRASAG National, specifically President Emmanuel Owusu and the association’s research directorate, for providing a platform for meaningful policy research engagement. The audience was encouraged to embrace the journey ahead with enthusiasm and a collective dedication to shaping a brighter future through policy research.

The launch featured a keynote address by Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey, Executive Director, Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG), who underscored the imperative role that postgraduate students must play in influencing the trajectory of Ghana’s socio-political landscape. He contextualised historical challenges within the local government system and urged GRASAG to undertake rigorous research to address issues of accountability, service delivery, and employment generation. Dr. Akwetey specifically advocated for a strategic focus on the reform of the local governance system and encouraged active participation of political parties in electoral processes. Emphasising the pivotal role of political parties, he called for a comprehensive analysis of their impact on national development. Concluding, Dr. Akwetey implored GRASAG to harness its influence to shape national policies, particularly in the reformation of local governance structures and the promotion of professionalism within public service institutions.

The event also witnessed the presence of Dr. Ishmael Dodoo, a distinguished diplomat and Human Development expert, alongside Ms. Joana Oppong, Ghana Programs Manager at Parliamentary Network Africa. Both personalities shared messages of solidarity, emphasising their support for the GPRI initiative. Their contributions added a significant layer of expertise and advocacy to the launch, highlighting the broad-ranging endorsement of the initiative within diplomatic and developmental circles.

GPRI’s impact on national development

The GPRI aims to provide evidence-based insights that will contribute to informed decision-making at both institutional and national levels. By delving into various policy areas, GRASAG is poised to make substantial contributions to the development agenda of Ghana.

Future initiatives and collaboration

As GRASAG looks ahead, the association envisions further research initiatives, collaborations with policy-makers and the integration of the GPRI into broader national conversations. The commitment to research excellence and advocacy for graduate students’ welfare remains steadfast.

The launch of the GRASAG Policy Research Index represents a significant milestone, reinforcing GRASAG’s dedication to positively impacting the trajectory of national development. As we embark on this journey, we extend our gratitude to all participants, collaborators and supporters who have played a crucial role in making this initiative a reality.

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