Entity Tender Committees must be strengthened to have procurement plan – Prof. Ayee

Entity Tender Committees must be strengthened to have procurement plan – Prof. Ayee

For institutions to have a functional procurement plan, they must begin to strengthen the Entity Tender Committee (ETC), Professor at the Department of the Political Science, University of Ghana, Joseph Ayee, has said.

For him, strengthening them to have future procurement plans will go a long way to help the institutions.

“I think that we need to strengthen the Entity Tender Committees. They need to meet regularly and, then, of course formulate their own procurement plan. Procurement is a way of telling institutions that we are planning ahead but we are not planning ahead. So let us plan ahead and have a procurement plan,” he said this at the maiden edition of Spend Management Summit in Accra.

Speaking on the topic: “The Ideal Governance Structure for Developing Nation”, he said that one of the most challenging issues with procurement which is also retarding the growth of institutions are non- compliance of the procurement laws – stating that they are very weak in enforcing it across all the various sectors.

Addressing issues of corruption in procurement processes, Prof. Aryee said measures have to be put in place to reduce the human contact which is a major contributive factor to procurement breaches. He admitted that though it would not eradicate totally, it will reduce the corruption issues in procurement.

“I think we need to escalate the whole issue of E-governance. I think we have not been able to systematically roll-out our E-governance, online services and others because corruption is more or less caused through the personal contact. Let us remove the personal contact and, then, of course we will deal with most of these issues,” he said.

About Spend Summit

Spend Management Summit is an annual consultative platform for various professionals from the field of sciences, engineering, policy-think tanks, technology, Art etc. to brainstorm  and confer with each other of the best way to ensure value for money and profit generation at the corporate and national level.

Trending socio-political-economic issues at both corporate and national levels are identified for deliberations to drive divergent views to unique business resolutions that can be transformed into a policy documents to drive and guide business decision makers and policy makers.

This is the maiden edition of the Spend Management Summit and it was organised by HYVE Procure in partnership with Charted Institute of Procurement and Supply. The theme for this year’s Spend Management Summit was “The Role of Procurement in Nation Building”.

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