In the beginning

Dzigbordi K. Dosoo: The H.E.L.P. Coach

The law of nature requires that at the start of every new season, we sow and nurse our efforts so that we can expect a good harvest.

Given that you adequately plan your beginnings, are you in control of the outcomes of the processes that will occur in the middle of your journey? Is it possible to begin well and not realize the beautiful outcome you foresee? A good number of us take the time and pain to select our seeds of dreams and plant them with wisdom.

However, what we fail to do in the middle of the journey is to consistently water our efforts, prune negativity and hope for better days when all is lost. Majority of our focus is cast on how to leap and not how to live. Yet, we forget that it is in living that we are able to see all sides to life and learn from our losses.

It is a given that on any new or old journey, you will encounter challenges, you will fall off the wagon and you will derail. How do you maintain your focus, hold on to the reins while keeping your eyes on the prize?

Experience and expand through your fears

More often than not, the concept of transitioning into new seasons makes us uncomfortable, simply because we are afraid of the unknown.

Fear has the ability to cripple our humanness, our relationship and the work that we do.  The evidence of our fears could be displayed primarily in three forms: loss, powerlessness and disappointment. It is not our inability or incapability that paralyzes our plans, but our fear of veering off the road because of one mistake we are likely to make or simply the fear of change.

At some point in the new season, we would be confronted with fear. When the fears come, we must embrace them by experiencing and accepting them. We have to keep in mind that whatever we have lost that has been translated into disappointment and powerlessness cannot be recovered – the things that exist can move us forward.

At every point in our new season, we must make certain decisions and execute plans. What we must start to do is to be Decisive and Focused. These two angles concentrate on what exists in the present. Focusing on what is in the present makes you see what you have and not what is gone, misplaced or dead.

When you are faced with your fears, channel your energy to create an expansion mode and brace yourself with faith and courage. What is past is gone and what is yet to be is the only thing we have control over. So, take life by its horns and kick off with your best shot.

Power your people

When you are fortunate enough to have people around you, it makes it easier to develop your Tribe. Your Tribe does not focus on your extrinsic value, that is, all the things you have materially and physically. Your Tribe focuses on your intrinsic value and what they can bring to improve what you already have at your table. Your Tribe understands your culture and your ethos. They see and feel your future with you. The numbers in your Tribe are not relevant. So, the key thing to know is they are your Tribe.

Your Tribe may not necessarily have your blood or your DNA, but they are the people around you that can translate what you have into something of value. Remember that a good solution will not always necessarily come from you but your Tribe.

In this new season, begin to look further into building your Tribe. Apart from your Tribe, there are other people you can power around you who are not necessarily your Tribe. With the right influence, they can help you engage your passion for value.

The lessons are learnings

At the beginning of this pivotal stage, repetition may come in handy. The beauty of being actively involved in your own transformational journey is that you will make discoveries.

These discoveries may either come as a surprise or an expectation depending on the little we can tell about our situation. I would like to share some key lessons and learnings as reminders of how we need to channel our mindset for the best output in this season:

1.      Know what your truth is and stick to it.

2.      Give before you think of receiving.

3.      Every man has a price.

4.      Understand everything that makes you, YOU.

5.      Your relevance comes from your skills, your knowledge and how you practically apply it.

6.      Use the experience of your failures as an escape into a dimension of higher learning

7.      Always be humble.

8.      Do not create a culture around you that encourages flattery.

Don’t give up

There is no point in starting a journey you do not intend to complete. It is in completing your race that you will enjoy the fruit thereof. We find ourselves in a place beyond exhaustion and our mind tells us that we will find peace in ending the race abruptly but determination and persistence have never failed a man. It is a battle of the mind to remain strong when your physical strength is at zero. It is okay to pause however it is not okay to Stop!

You are not the only one growing from a pupa into an adult. Allow the pressure and heat to metamorphose you into a rock that will stand the test of time. People will wonder how you learnt how to fly.

You will only be asked this question if you do not give up! Michael Jordan, basketball legend said, “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Michael Jordan like Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone, the Wright Brothers who invented the airplane and many other legends of our time failed several times. They simply made it because when they failed, they tried again!


>>>Dzigbordi K. Dosoo: The H.E.L.P. Coach

Dzigbordi K. Dosoo is a Certified High Performance Coach, Global Speaker, Media Personality and award-winning Entrepreneur.

She is the Founder of Dzigbordi K. Dosoo (DKD) Holdings; the mother company that holds Dzigbordi Inc. & Allure Spa in The City. These brands provide services in Personal Impact & Development, Corporate Consulting, Wellness & Grooming.

Her coaching, seminars and training has helped many organizations and individuals to transform their image and impact, elevate their engagement and establish networks leading to improved and inspired teams, growth and productivity.

Her area of focus is Humanness, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Power (H.E.L.P).

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