QLAC sponsors Christ the King Soup Kitchen


Quality Life Assurance Company (QLAC) has sponsored the second anniversary celebration of Christ the King Soup Kitchen with an undisclosed amount in Accra last week.

The CTK Soup Kitchen is an initiative of Rev. Father Andrew Campbell with support from members of the congregation to feed street children.

It was formed two years ago to provide street children in Accra with food every Monday to Sunday. Interacting with the children at the second anniversary celebration of the CTK Soup Kitchen in Accra last week, the Minister for Gender, Children and Social protection, Otiko Afisa Djaba encourage children to stop living on the streets.

“Running away from home is not the best solution to your problems. Leaving home and sleeping on the street is rather a problem to the country. Begging on the streets is not a job, it is a crime” she told the street children.

She shared out chocolates to the children while CTK Soup Kitchen served them with food and drinks donated by Quality Life Insurance Company.

Ms. Djaba announced that officials from the Department of Social Welfare will engage with the street children to find out about their background, why they left home and what they plan to do urging the children to co-operate with the officials.

“We have to protect you, the streets is not safe for you. 2018 is an opportunity to change your life. Believe in yourself and understand what you can do, anything you want to be.Geography is not a hindrance, it those not matter where you are coming from,” she said.

The Minister assured them of reintegrating them with their families, while those who were orphans and did not have homes will be provided with shelter, including sending them to rehabilitation centers.

For those who were interested in education, she assured them of enrolling them in school while those who were interested in skills training will be provided with resources to learn the various skills.

“The street is not good for you. For those who wish to go to school, we will help you and those who want to learn a skill, we will help you too. If you are an orphan we will ensure that you are put on the Livelihood Empowerment Against PovertyP rogramme.” She urged the street children to be discipline in order to be successful.

Rev. Father Campbell said the CTK Soup Kitchen had fed over 44,000 street children with meals since its inception two years ago explaining that more than 50 children came to the CTK Soup Kitchen.

Most of them also come to the CTK Soup Kitchen for their daily meals he said, the kitchen reaches out to some of the children especially those under the Nima overhead to provide them with food.

Thomas Appiah, Chief Finance Officer of the main sponsoring company, QLAC, commended Father Campbell for a great effort in feeding the street children.

Present at the occasion were the immediate past Chief Justice Madam Georgina Theodora Wood, the wife of the Former Vice President Amissah-Arthur who joined the Rev. Father Campbell and Miss Djaba to cut the anniversary cake to climax the occasion.

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