Green4Clean schools’ renewable energy project launched


By Emmanuel AKOMEA

Vivo Energy Ghana, in an initiative toward sustainability, has collaborated with United Way Ghana and Academic City College to resource the Green4Clean School’s Renewable Energy Project.

The project aims to educate and empower students on renewable energy sources, particularly solar energy, to foster a culture of environmental sustainability.

Speaking at the launch, Shirley Tony Kum, Corporate Communications Manager-Vivo Energy Ghana, emphasised the company’s commitment to promoting environmental stewardship through education.

“Today marks the beginning of a journey toward a more sustainable future; not just for us, but for generations to come. We believe in the power of education as a catalyst for change, and through the Green4Clean project we are investing in empowering young minds to embrace sustainable energy solutions,” she noted.

The Green4Clean project will focus on awareness creation, empowerment and resourcing. Students will receive comprehensive education on renewable energy sources through workshops, hands-on projects and awareness campaigns. They will also be empowered to make informed decisions regarding environmental sustainability through project competitions.

Ms. Kum highlighted the partnership with United Way Ghana and Academic City University College, noting their shared dedication to environmental sustainability. “By providing access to resources and practical learning opportunities, we are nurturing a generation of eco-conscious leaders who will shape a more sustainable future,” she added.

Beyond the school communities, Vivo Energy Ghana is also focusing on developing solar solutions for electricity at its retail stations and depots. The Green4Clean School’s Renewable Energy Project sets a positive example for sustainable practices and underscores the importance of renewable energy awareness in schools and communities.

To enhance its environmental responsibility efforts, Vivo Energy Ghana has expanded its solar-operated retail stations to 25 sites across the country. Collaborating with the Shell Product Technical Team, the company is also working toward ensuring environmentally compatible products in the mobility market space.

As part of the launch, Vivo Energy Ghana presented solar lamps to all final year students of La Enobal Basic School and La Presby Primary School A & B. The gesture aims to provide a reliable source of light for students as they prepare for their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in July. With frequent power outages impacting their study routines, the solar lamps will enable pupils to focus on their studies and perform better in their exams.

This initiative underscores Vivo Energy Ghana’s commitment to supporting education and addressing the immediate needs of communities. By providing sustainable solutions such as solar lamps, the company is not only promoting environmental stewardship but also empowering students to excel academically despite challenges.

Reflecting on the importance of sustainable energy initiatives, General Council President-United Way Ghana, Worlanyo Ocloo highlighted the collaboration between an energy company and a reputable university, emphasising the significance of their collective efforts.

Drawing attention to the critical impact of climate change on conflict in sub-Saharan Africa, he underscored the urgent need for sustainable practices to mitigate such challenges.

Educational Director of Education at La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly, Madam Habiba Kotomah, expressed her sincere gratitude to the group, highlighting the positive impact of their support in the lives of learners.

“Since your involvement last year, we have seen remarkable changes in our environment; for that, we are immensely thankful. Every time I visit this compound, I am reminded of the generosity and kindness that surrounds us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ongoing support,” she expressed

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