Hollard announces ‘H.Insured’ free webinar series for insurance awareness


Insurance group Hollard Ghana has announced an initiative that enables more people to create and secure a better future. Dubbed ‘H.Insured: All about insurance’, the initiative is a webinar series to be held this month of June at 4 pm on the Fridays June 19th and 26th, as part of the company’s insurance month activities.

The ‘H.Insured’ webinar series will be different to the usual industry webinar format. It will be jargon-free and conversational to help demystify insurance. Attendees will find answers to their questions about how insurance relates to their individual and business lives.

“It’s not about what could go wrong but what can go right”; “How to safeguard your family, possessions, and self”; “What COVID-19 teach us about insurance”; “Ready for the new normal? Insurance in Ghana?” and more are the discussion topics in the ‘H.Insured’ webinar series

‘H.Insured’ will feature resource persons from the insurance industry who understand the needs of Ghanaians and can speak to their various interests in relation to insurance. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and get instant responses.

On the company’s motivation for the webinar series, the Group Head Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Cynthia E. Ofori-Dwumfuo said: “It’s simple. We want more people to understand why insurance allows them to live free, without worry. We are at a unique moment in time. COVID-19 has moved Ghanaians online. They are working and consuming information digitally, and so it makes sense to reach them via digital means.

“We do well by doing good at Hollard. With ‘H.Insured’, we can positively impact more people than we could with a physical event. It’s free, so we look forward to seeing people from all walks of life join the ‘H.Insured’ live events,” Ms. Ofori-Dwumfuo added.

Highlight of the webinar series is the post-COVID-19 industry discussion on June 25 that features industry heads, stalwarts and representatives.

Interested attendees can join any of the webinars by clicking on this link https://zoom.us/j/99857265195 to join the event on the 19th or 26th. Alternatively, they can visit Hollard Ghana or Hollard Life social media pages and click on provided links there to access the event on Microsoft Teams.

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