Church of Christ Tamale hosts fun games


Church of Christ (CoC) Campus Ministry branch of the University for Development Studies (UDS) beat Tamale-West Church of Christ 5:2 and Tamale East Church of Christ 4: 1 in the inter-congregation unity football match to lift the trophy.

The event, organised by the West Church and held at the Bagabaga College of Education Sports Complex, forms part of the church’s annual youth week celebrations – ensuring unity and socialisation among the youths in the region. It was an advocacy to campaign on the need for all to exercise regularly to ensure a healthy body and mind in order to contribute to national development.

Other games played were Ampe, ludo, cards, 100m challenge, among the ladies, oware and volleyball, with the respective churches participating, including Tamale-East Church of Christ, Tamale- West Church of Christ, Church of Christ UDS Tamale campus, as well as Tamale Institute Bible studies (TIBS) Church.

The first match was between team UDS CoC and team Tamale West CoC. At the end of the first half, team Tamale West CoC was down by 2 goals and at the end of the match, team UDS won by 5: 2.

The second match was between team Tamale East CoC and team Tamale West CoC. At the end of the match, team Tamale East won by 4: 1.

The last and final match was played between team UDS CoC and team Tamale East. At the end of the first half, team UDS CoC was down by 2 goals. In the second half, team UDS CoC scored 3 goals. At the end of the final game, team UDS won by 3: 2. And team UDS CoC was crowned as the winner of the 2024 inter-churches games and was presented a trophy.

Captain and the Edification Leader of UDS campus ministry, Bro. Osae Solomon, and the coach, Bro. Ellis Edmond, expressed gratitude to the leadership of the churches for the initiative to bring all together to keep fit.

According to them, “such an event would help to deepen the relationship and establish a wider network among the church faithful. As students and youths of the church, we would continue to embark on such exercises to be healthy for both the gospel and the academic work.

Leader of Tamale-East CoC, Preacher George Dassah, said building the capacity of the youth is good but keeping them fit is the best since a healthy mind and soul help to serve God and mankind well. He encouraged the youth especially to take advantage of the event to know each other and help with their knowledge and talents to contribute to the growth of the Lord’s church.

Leader of Tamale-West CoC, Preacher Adjei Mensah, noted that sporting activities provide critical role in one’s life as well serves as a way of bringing people together; hence, the annual games is bringing the congregations together. “As a sportsman, organising such events helps to burn fats and well ensures the welfare of members,” he said.

He advised members of the congregations to embark on regular check-ups to know their health status and seek medical advise before taking any drug since self-medication is not good for human health.

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