ICF local chapter to unlock economy’s coaching potential and drive national growth

From left to right: Lizzy-Ann Kwagbedzi, member; Patrick Sassou Abah-Dakou, Director; Margaret Jackson, member; Samuel Kumi Ayim, Director; Doreen Baffoe, member; and Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah, Director all of the ICF Ghana Chapter

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) Ghana Chapter is preparing for a grand launch on May 17, 2024, promising to unlock a multi-billion dollar opportunity for Ghana’s businesses and individuals and propel economic development in the process.

With the global coaching industry exceeding US$4.5 billion and projected to hit US$6 billion in 2024, Ghana is strategically positioning itself to benefit from this growth and ICF presents the best platform to unlock the transformative power of coaching for individuals and organisations across the nation, says Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah, President for the ICF Ghana Chapter.

“The launch of the ICF Ghana Chapter signifies a significant step forward for Ghana’s professional landscape. By embracing coaching, the nation unlocks the potential for exponential growth, individual well-being, and a more vibrant, successful future,” he said during an engagement with the media on Friday, April 12, 2024, at the British Council in Accra ahead of the organisation’s full launch.

“This is a pivotal moment for Ghana. Coaching is a proven tool for boosting performance, enhancing communication, and achieving goals. By establishing a strong foundation for ethical coaching practices and connecting Ghanaians with qualified professionals, the ICF Ghana Chapter will empower individuals and propel businesses forward,” he added.

Research from ICF Global highlights the significant impact coaching can have. Individuals can expect a 70percent increase in performance, goal attainment, and overall life satisfaction. Teams experience a 50percent boost in collaboration and performance, while organisations witness a remarkable 48percent increase in overall performance, driven by factors like revenue growth, employee retention, and stronger customer relationships. Most of all, corporate bodies are making a 788percent Return on Investment through investment in executive coaching.

Mr. Yeboah stressed that his outfit is dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards, educating the public on the advantages of coaching, and establishing a network of esteemed coaches.

To this end, the Chapter is actively collaborating with institutions like GIMPA University Business School to integrate coaching into academic programs, ensuring future generations are equipped with these powerful tools. Furthermore, the Chapter will welcome members from diverse coaching schools of thought and neighbouring French-speaking West African nations. This inclusivity fosters knowledge sharing and creates a supportive environment for coaches across the region.

A launchpad for innovation and success

The official launch on May 17 at the Ecobank Plc Head Office in Accra promises to be a landmark event. Distinguished guests, including ICF Global and European/African representatives, will grace the occasion. A panel discussion will delve into the role coaching plays in driving innovation and organisational success.

The launch will be graced by the guest of honour, Dr. Dumisani Magadlela, the ICF Global Enterprise Board Chair, and the keynote speaker, Mr. Malcolm Fiellies, the Director of ICF Europe and Africa. The guest speaker would be Professor Samuel Nii Odai, an accomplished water resources engineer and academician who has served in various academic bodies, water projects, research, and other capacities in Ghana, Japan, and other countries.

This event will serve as a launchpad for the Chapter’s initiatives, including pre-launch activities like campus coaching seminars and media tours. “The ICF Ghana Chapter extends a warm invitation to everyone interested in harnessing the power of coaching. Whether you are an individual seeking personal growth, a leader looking to empower your team or an aspiring coach, the Chapter is here to support you on your journey,” Mr. Yeboah noted.

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