KAIPTC commercialises peace-building/conflict courses


By Konrad Kodjo DJAISI

The Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) is opening its doors to the Ghanaian public by offering three pivotal courses: Artificial Intelligence and Peacebuilding, Conflict Analysis and Mediation, and Leadership and Management in Security Organizations by launching these commercialized courses on April, 8.

Major General Richard Addo Gyane, Commandant of the KAIPTC, in delivering his opening remarks observed that KAIPTC holds a crucial mandate of training military, police, and civilian personnel for peace and security, not only within ECOWAS but also across Africa and beyond.

He added that the Centre’s overarching vision is to become the preferred international centre for training, education, and research, dedicated to ensuring a peaceful and secure continent.

“Beyond our core mandate, we aspire to be the premier choice and a hub for peace and security training and education for Ghanaian professionals,” the KAIPTC Commandant indicated.

As many seek to enhance their capacity in Peace and Security by acquiring practical knowledge and skills, Major-General Addo-Gyane said KAIPTC is therefore dedicated to providing capacity building initiatives as the pursuit of knowledge is imperative for sustainable peace and security.

The week-long course will see participants explore how effective leadership and management in security organisations are paramount for fostering peace and security while the AI in peacebuilding course will navigate the complexities of the modern peace and security landscape, where Artificial Intelligence emerges as a new phenomenon.

Conflict Analysis and Mediation which is fundamental to fostering peace, is an additional focal point of our offerings, the Commandant added. “Our training programs are meticulously designed to develop competencies in these critical areas”.

The Conflict Analysis and Mediation (CAM) Course, a collaborative initiative between the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) and the Crisis Management Initiative (CM), was established in 2013.

The inception of this course was driven by a dual purpose — the imperative need to intervene in conflicts and the simultaneous need to enhance the understanding of different tools, frameworks, and aspects of conflict analysis and mediation among stakeholders for conflict prevention, management, and resolution.

The Conflict Analysis and Mediation Course serves as a response to the escalating need for conflict intervention and resolution. Leadership and Management in Security Organisations course seeks to develop the core competencies that are consistent with existing security requirements and corporate culture.

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