MINDSET with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei: Growth


The amazing quality of the human has to do with growth.

Nothing in this world has the ability to conquer us or to put us extinct.

No wonder it is said that an asteroid or a force beyond this world is what has the capacity to destroy the earth.

I am always fascinated about the growth in the business world with regards to dealing with this pandemic called coronavirus.

I know that most of us have got a certain perception about growth but it is not necessarily something bad in itself.

Growth is important for businesses to enable them to flourish and be successful – if they are properly managed.

Growth is simply the process of increasing in size.

Most companies are now gradually developing into something they never thought they could be.

For example, Facebook and Instagram have monetised their platforms.

The beauty of every challenge is that it creates an opportunity for each one of us to search deeper within us; and in most cases, we discover that there is more to us than what we previously thought of ourselves.

The human being is very resilient.

Another fascinating quest currently happening within our world has to do with the space within our skies.

Companies like SPACE X, owned by Elon Musk, and One Web are really pushing to make it a market.

And it would surely happen.

One day, gradually the space market would be a travel of destination for fun things.

Coronavirus, as a pandemic, has gradually taught us the very essence of how to work from home and how companies can adapt.

Finally, the virtualisation aspect of almost everything that we do has come to permeate our lives.

The lives we enjoy today were mostly achieved through the human growth toward the pandemic nature of such kind.

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