Ghana to host 6th Consultative International Cashew Council Conference


Christabel DANSO ABEAM

Tree Crops Development Authority (TCDA), under the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), will host the sixth Council of Ministers’ Conference of the Consultative International Cashew Council (CICC) from April 16th to April 20th, 2024.

The conference aims to bolster the development of the cashew sector and foster economic and social growth among member states. It will feature a research dialogue, a fair, and an exhibition.

Yaw Oteng, Deputy Executive Officer of TCDA, noted that Ghana’s hosting of the CICC showcases the nation’s commitment to advancing the cashew sector and its enthusiasm for showcasing the industry’s potential.

“This event presents a great opportunity to highlight the progress made in the cashew sector and to attract potential investors to the country,” he noted.

According to Mr. Oteng, the Cashew Research Dialogue Scheduled for April 14th to 17th, 2024, will convene ministers, experts and researchers from member countries to share knowledge, discuss achievements and identify research and development gaps within the cashew industry.

Meanwhile, the Cashew Expo and Exhibition, a key component of the CICC, is set to showcase a wide array of cashew products.

Themed “projecting the cashew sector through local consumption, value addition and job creation,” the exhibition aims to educate the public about the benefits of cashew while providing a platform for local cashew processors to explore potential markets.

“This will increase the consumption rate of cashew products and create visibility for small and medium-sized cashew processors,” he highlighted.

Highlighting Ghana’s potential gains, he said the country stands to benefit significantly and have the opportunity to showcase its processes and potential while attracting more foreign direct investments.

He urged all stakeholders in the cashew value chain and the general public to actively participate in the upcoming conference.

The Deputy CEO underscored the need to enhance cashew processing capacity, despite the current assistance from international organizations like the World Bank.

He stressed that this expansion is crucial for increasing exports and stabilizing the cedi.

As part of the Tree Crops Rehabilitation programmes Mr. Oteng emphasised TCDA’s initiatives in replanting trees, including cashew trees affected by illegal mining (galamsey) activities, among others.

The CICC was established in 2016 as an intergovernmental organization aimed at promoting, advocating, sharing knowledge, innovating, and facilitating discussions on issues pertinent to the cashew value chain.

Comprising eleven member countries, including Senegal, Togo, Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, its vision is to support the development of the cashew sector and contribute to the economic and social growth of its members.

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