Food, Music, and Unity: Back to Your Village Food Festival Celebrates Ghana’s Heritage


Hundreds of enthusiastic food lovers thronged the lively Back to Your Village Food Festival, a vibrant celebration organized by Citi FM/TV at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) forecourt.

The event marked the highlight of the station’s 2024 Heritage Month festivities, held from March 30th to 31st.

The two-day festival drew patrons from across Ghana and beyond, offering a delectable exploration of the country’s rich culinary traditions. From the north to the south, vendors showcased a dazzling array of regional specialities: Tuo Zaafi, Ampesie, Omotuo, Banku, Fetridetsi, Abolo, Fufu, Konkonte, and Kenkey.

These dishes were presented alongside an enticing selection of accompaniments – fish, mushroom, antelope meat, amanie, grasscutter meat, and crab – their aromas wafting through the air, whetting appetites from afar.

Beyond the food, the festival offered a delightful range of local Ghanaian drinks, including Nsafufuo, Asana, Lamugee, and Pito. Even homemade ice cream, known as ‘Abele walls,’ atwemo, and agbeliklako, were available, satisfying every sweet tooth.

A Celebration of Heritage

This wasn’t just a food festival; it was a cultural immersion. Patrons danced to electrifying traditional performances by the popular ‘Kwan Pa’ band, whose vibrant journey through Ghana’s musical tapestry resonated with every region represented.

The festival marked the culmination of Citi FM/TV’s Heritage Month, which launched on March 1st at their Tesano-Accra premises. This annual initiative goes beyond celebrating historical events. It provides a platform for Ghanaians to explore the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and histories that weave together the national identity.

A Festival Reborn

Formerly known as the “Back to Your Village Food Bazaar,” this revamped and highly successful festival boasted 120 vendors. Notable personalities like Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs Stephen Asamoah Boateng and actress Jackie Appiah added to the event’s prestige.

The atmosphere buzzed with nostalgia and joy as participants savoured the food, music, and games like Ludo, Oware, and Cards. Vendors reported brisk sales and expressed enthusiastic support for the festival. They praised Citi FM/TV for exceeding past events and eagerly awaited the 2025 edition.

Food, Unity, and Opportunity

The festival’s opening ceremony highlighted the crucial role Ghanaian cuisine plays in fostering employment and supporting small businesses.


Asamoah Boateng emphasized the abundance of delicious food options available in Ghana, a point echoed by John Peter Addo Nyarko, owner of Akuapim Palmwine. He advocated for more frequent festivals to showcase indigenous businesses.

Bernard Avle, General Manager of Citi TV and Citi FM, stressed the festival’s role in promoting unity among Ghanaians. He spoke of celebrating differences within similarities, a sentiment echoed in the diverse food, music, dance, and fashion showcased throughout the event.

A Tradition Continues

The Back to Your Village Food Festival, powered by Citi TV with unwavering support from 97.3 Citi FM, has become a cornerstone of the Heritage Month celebrations.

Sponsors like Frytol, Fortune Rice, Miss Cookie Spices, Pan African Savings and Loans, Everpack, and GBFoods have played a vital role in making this cultural extravaganza a success.

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