Nick Kozmin: A Remote and Independent Team Is Essential For Success


Turning a job into a career can be challenging. Still, it takes even more determination to leave behind a successful position to build the life you truly want. It’s a risky move that can result in financial repercussions, but if you never try, you won’t ever know if you can succeed. Entrepreneur Nick Kozmin has a meteoric success story that has made him a juggernaut in his industry.

Nick Kozmin studied engineering and physics at Queen’s University in Canada. To pay off his student loan debt, he started working for a door-to-door sales company called Canadian Property Stars. In only one month, he became the number one employee out of 400. He hired his team of door-to-door salespeople to detail cars. The business had over 3,000 customers in just two years. However, he soon realized he wanted to build a business online. “I learned about time freedom, passive income, and entrepreneurship. I knew I could never reach the highest levels of success with what I was doing.” From there, Nick started This company helps entrepreneurs build their businesses from scratch. Since the company’s inception, they’ve helped over 2,000 businesses.

While it might seem like Kozmin had a linear path to success, it was anything but that. Kozmin, through trial and error, understood the importance of establishing a competent, well-trained sales team. In light of the pandemic, it has become increasingly important to build a powerful sales team that can operate remotely. Kozmin added,” Entrepreneurs today need to build strong sales teams that work independently and remotely. It’s the key to success.”

Nick Kozmin wouldn’t be where he is today if he hadn’t had his various successes and failures. While he has established as a market leader, he emphasizes the importance of sales and marketing as an integral element in the success formula.

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